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Anini-y | Sira-an Hot Spring

Moving swiftly through the southern coast leading to Anini-y, the first coastal town of Antique from Iloilo and the capital town of Antique, our Manggad Kang Antique or The Treasures of Antique Heritage Tour began. 

First stop was at the well-known spring of the province with a quite catchy story of how it came to be. It was a legend of two lovers and so on and so forth that I did not quite catch because it was narrated in Kinaray-a, the popular dialect used in the province. The place is currently called the Sira-an Hot Spring and Health Resort.

Entering further inside the resort, I saw the breathtakingly huge boulders at the sea-side that is just so picture-perfect and, surprisingly, atop of them is the sulfur spring where warm waters flow from its natural rifts and eventually fills the resort's large pool and jacuzzi-like tubs. These freely flowing waters are believed to be therapeutic. 

More so of those great boulders and healing waters is the vastness of Sulu sea facing and the view of Nogas Island, an uninhabited 26-hectare marine and bird sanctuary.

The trip is made possible by Katahum Tours in Antique. To know more about it visit their website or email

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Thanks Mina. Indeed, a refreshing place in Antique :)

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