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Kalinga | White Water Rafting at Chico River


Our group! During the white water rafting in Tabuk, Kalinga

Woke up before 6 to grab an early breakfast and catch the earliest trip to Kalinga. We weren’t able to go with the first trip but settled to catch the second one since the first was almost full of passengers. Even with the delay, I was quite excited for the weather was good and Chico River’s white water rafting is known to be seasonal because it is too dangerous especially if there’s a typhoon.

The view during our stop-over

Tabuk, Kalinga

While on the van to Kalinga, we first chatted with Mage and Robbie until we drifted off to sleep. Together with us were Sir Albert, Sir Ron, Sir Vince, Sir Freddie and Ron of Travel Factor. It took us around two hours to get there. I thought the road trip was over, but no. We had another one via jeep to reach the point where the white water rafting will start. It took us around an hour or so to reach there. But it was totally worth the road trip especially when we had a stop-over somewhere just to take a photo of the rice terraces in Kalinga and Chico River. It was breath-taking seeing the view from the top.

Top load with fellow Kalinga conquerors

Indeed, they and we know adventure :)

Arriving at the starting point of white water rafting, some of my companions bought food to boost their energy before the two to three hours of rafting. We had some photo shoot especially with our outfits since we had to leave our cameras in the jeep for it is too dangerous to bring them.

Captivating view of terraces

During the white water rafting

Our guides quickly briefed us of the commands while rafting. Chico River is known to be wild but they told us that the rafting that day was just level one because the water wasn’t high enough. Most of the time, our boat is stuck with boulders in the river. But we got past through them. For a first timer like me, it was fine to start with level one. I get very excited when we there’s rapid we meet along the way. I can feel my adrenaline rushing while following the commands from our guides, when water is splashing at us and, at the same time, there’s the fear of falling from our boat! I especially liked it when I was in front because the water from the river was so refreshing and you’d see the rapids more closely.

Conquerors from the first boat

With Robbie during our break

When we were not in the rapids I am constantly asking myself why I did not buy or even borrow an underwater camera because the view while rafting in Chico River is just spectacular. Good thing Sir Albert has a camera and took many photos/videos of us while rafting. Haha Robbie and I borrowed those photos which I have included in this post! The place is so serene and untouched. Most of the time there were no locals on the riverbanks, we only saw few of them. I am at loss of words to describe what I have seen and very sad for I have not captured it! At some places it looks like El Nido while others look like the mountain ranges in Zambales. The white water rafting itself was an unforgettable experience and adding the beautiful scenery you’d see along the way makes it so impressive that even when I am on the bus back to Manila the river was constantly in my dreams!

With Ron of TF, Sir Freddie, Robbie, Mage, Sir Albert, Sir Ron and Sir Vince 

The unforgettable Tabuk, Kalinga

Oh yeah, we passed five baranggays through rafting and though my shoulders are quite aching from hours of paddling and sun burn, it was three very unforgettable hours of my life. I am proud to say that I did not fall! Haha In fact, in our boat no one fell. It was Mage who almost fell but was grabbed immediately by the person beside her in the boat, Sir Vince. The highlight was when one of the two who fell from the other boat was at the rapids! Good thing he wasn't injured so the rafting went back smoothly. We stopped mid-way to grab some snacks and took a dip somewhere before we were done. We were all famished after rafting and good thing the package includes a feast which made us bloated right after! Haha The feast includes something with banana stalks and snails, pinakbet, crispy pata, fried fish, brown rice and drinks.

My favorite during the feast :3

Who can say no to Crispy Pata? :)

One of Conquer Kalinga's highlights is the white water rafting at Chico River. Conquer Kalinga is coordinated by Travel Factor in collaboration with Victory Liner Inc., thus, calling it Byaheng Victory. For more details check their website or facebook fan page.

More about my trip in Kalinga and Tuguegarao here.

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Lane said...

Nice photos, and a lush valley. I had to look up crispy pata (pig knuckles, deep fried).

Elal Lasola said...

Thanks! They're totally mouthwatering esp after hours of rafting! :P

Elal Lasola said...

Oo. Kilala mo rin sya? Hehe Nagkataon lang :P

Unknown said...

Too much beaches, too much mountains, spelunking, etc... White water rafting is the best adventure for the year..

Elal Lasola said...

My first and it was at the country's finest. :) Lucky!

Ryan Mach said...

What a kicker! That mouth-watering photo of pig knuckles is. Something to look forward to apart from the kayak itself. Haha

ina mendoza said...

please share if you have the same upcoming activities to provide opportunities to travelers like me to join bloggers like you, KUDOS...

Unknown said...

wow! malapit lang ako dito sa Tabuk at Tuguegarao but never been there... may tour package ba?

Unknown said...

and how much? :)

Elal Lasola said...

I think local sa Tabuk ang nag offer ng rafting services for 2500 pesos.

Elal Lasola said...

@Ryan: I knoooow. It was unforgettable!

Elal Lasola said...

@Neng: Will do. Usually, it is done by the organization itself inviting bloggers :D

escape said...

kitang kita ang saya niyo ni Rob dito. ako naman next wekeend ith travel factor.

cheers to more great trips in 2013! less suka. hehehe...

Sanaysay said...

ang ganda namaaaaan hihi

Sanaysay said...

ang sarap ng pagkain

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