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Tuguegarao | Penablanca Callao Cave


Inside Penablanca Callao Cave

Penablanca Callao Cave is one of the famous attractions is Tuguegarao. It is quite a very big cave with seven chambers and unique, too, for one of those chambers has a man-made chapel.

We went there via tricycle from our hotel and travelled around 45 minutes to reach the place. We were greeted with the scenic beauty of Pinacanauan River which we crossed via “bangka” or boat for the cave is found on the other side.

Penablanca comes from Latin, “pena” means white and “blanca” means rock. This cave formation was named such for it has portions of rocks in the color of white.

Welcome to Callao Eco-tourism Zone

Penablanca Callao Cave

It took 184 steps, it individually has painted numbers to prove that, to reach the top that is why our tour guide advised us to buy water beforehand. I was wowed of how big it really is in real life. And true, it has distinct white rocks that you can immediately see on the outside of the cave. I noticed the excavation being done on the left side of the cave too but hurriedly went with other explorers because I have no flashlight and it is quite dark inside.

It has holes on the top which gives a little light but not that much given how big it is

The famous man-made chapel inside Penablanca Callao Cave

After a few meters from the opening, you will immediately see the popular man-made chapel inside the cave. The pews and altar are made of cement. And it is really not your normal cave or chapel. No wonder it is a must visit one. I have been to numerous churches and chapels and this one is very interesting.

People taking pictures of the huge rock formations inside the cave

Fellow explorers inside: Ron of Travel Factor, Robbie of The Creative Dork, Mage, Sir Albert, Sir Vince and Sir Ron, who took this photo.

Although our official tour guide is quite informative, I barely had the time to listen because I am mostly left behind. Aside from the sticky and quite muddy soil inside the cave, I had a hard time taking photos inside because it was too dark and I did not bring my tripod. Torn because I have no choice but to shoot with high ISO which means more noise or images will have much grainy effect on it. Not to mention the numerous blurry pics even with that setting!

More rock formations of Penablanca Callao Cave

Rock formations of Penablanca Callao Cave

I was quite jealous of the others for they already have numerous portraits shots! Robbie and I tried to take some shots without flash. But almost all of the photos are blurry! Oh well. I then stopped and just feel the experience inside this big dome.

Some souvenirs sold outside of Penablanca Callao Cave

 Halo-halo, anyone?

We were really famished after the spelunking experience and others bought halo-halo nearby. They also have some souvenirs with painted names of Callao Cave or Cagayan. After which, we headed to our boat to see more of Pinacanauan River and waited for the Circadian bats’ flight.

More about my trip in Tuguegarao here.

Some people crossing the river

Visiting Penablanca Callao Cave  is one of the highlights in Conquer Kalinga, which is coordinated by Travel Factor. This specific trip is in collaboration with Victory Liner Inc., thus, calling it Byaheng Victory. For more details check their website or facebook fan page.

Elal of The Shades of Grey Travel and Photography
Elal is a traveler, student of life and photography enthusiast who wants to experience and capture what is raved and not raved about. For more about her travels, subscribe here, email at, or visit her portfolio.


Juan Carlo Dela Cruz said...

That chapel was awesome! maybe I should include Tugegarao on my list. great post!

Elal Lasola said...

I knoooow. It is a must visit when in Tuguegarao. :)

Unknown said...

Need ko na magpunta ng Norte talaga. Dami ko nang namiss! :-) great shots!

Elal Lasola said...

Yes. Di ko akalain malapit lapit na ito sa tuktok ng Luzon. Hehe :D

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

I want to go there with my very own John Lloyd Cruz. Char :))

Elal Lasola said...

Haha Nagshoot sila dito? :P Ikaw na Hehe

Anonymous said...

Oo te, yung thr mistress... may scene sila jan.


astig nmn

Elal Lasola said...

@Marquee: Ahhh. Di ko pa kasi napapanood :P

Elal Lasola said...

@Kulapitot: IKR. Haha Nakakalungkot lang magpicture. :P

adventurousfeet said...

ganda ng cave! gusto ko yan puntahan matagal na kaso malayo lang talaga :) great shots gurl! :)

Elal Lasola said...

thanks girl! oo nga super layo pero maganda :D

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