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Tuguegarao | Beauty of Pinacanauan River


Shades of green at Pinacanauan River

Arriving at the Pinacanauan River, I can't help but be awed with its beauty. In fact, in some angles, it reminds me of El Nido, Palawan. :"> It has clear and clean waters, and the green highlight of the trees from the other side of the river is just so relaxing. While on the boat I have a hard time turning 360 degrees just to capture the beauty of the place.

Apart from its beauty, it is one of the tributaries of Cagayan River which is the longest, widest and most powerful river in our country. "Pinacanauan" comes from the local term which means “left-most.”

Every angle of Pinacanauan River is different yet so beautiful!

Robbie on the boat at the Pinacanauan River

No wonder locals and tourists come here to just stay at the river and relax, swim their hearts out with the refreshing river, or they can visit the famous Penablanca Callao Cave and maybe even watch the flight of thousands of bats during twilight.

Pinacanauan River

Bokeh effect at Pinacanauan River

The place is just perfect if you are looking for peace and serenity. Haha We traveled around 45 minutes from our hotel to reach the river via tricycle. And cruised the way through Callao Cave, further parts of the river and watching the Circadian bats' flight. I wish this is just few minutes away from where I live and not a 13-hour bus ride! But in a way, the place being far may be at its advantage for the place to be preserved. It just breaks my heart when people do not practice responsible tourism. I saw some plastics and paper plates left on the river bank picked by our tour guides. I hope they do realize the essence of us being stewards before it is too late.

Our tour guide picking the trashes left by some visitors before us.

Rock formations at Pinacanauan River

But then, after the flight of thousand bats, or maybe it was even a million of them, we have to part from this beautiful bliss. We took nothing but pictures, killed nothing but time and left nothing but footprints. I hope we all do the same.

Pinacanauan River

Child happily playing at Pinacanauan River

Pinacanauan River

Pinacanauan River is one of the destinations included in Conquer Kalinga, which is coordinated by Travel Factor. This specific trip is in collaboration with Victory Liner Inc., thus, calling it Byaheng Victory. For more details check their website or facebook fan page.

More about my trip in Tuguegarao here.

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joan | the backpack chronicles said...

Honggondo naman dyan! Green na green. Love it! Hay kelan kaya ako mapapadpad sa Tuguegarao? I want to see the circadian flights of Bats too!!

Malaysia Asia said...

Nice pictures. Gosh, this really reminds me of Malaysia, especially the Borneo side.

Elal Lasola said...

Thanks David. Really? I wish I could there and see that side too!

Elal Lasola said...

@Joan: Hahaha Nigrab ko to agad given na malayo sya at mahirap i-plan :P

nik rielo said...

your pictures bring me back to yester-years. haha

Elal Lasola said...

totally relaxing. gusto ko lang magchill jan. :)

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