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Things To See In Iligan City

North of Marawi City and nestled against the Iligan Bay, Iligan City isn't typically included among the top towns and destinations for tourists exploring the Philippines. It’s a little less remote than some of the natural retreats around the country, and a not as glamorous as some of the larger cities. But it’s still worth checking out if you’re taking an extended trek through the Philippines. These are a few of our favorite things to see and do there.


Iligan City is actually known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls, and it absolutely deserves the nickname. The number one activity for any traveler making his or her way through Iligan City is to explore the waterfalls in and around the area. Tinago Falls is probably the most famous, but Maria Cristina Falls and Dodiongan Falls are also must-sees. All of these waterfalls exist in lush forested areas and look like the stuff of storybooks.

Centennial Park

You can find city parks everywhere, but Centennial Park's placement within the city makes it a wonderful place to relax. It’s equal parts park and beach, and allows for beautiful views of sunsets at Iligan Bay. Some people also head to Centennial Park later at night for some of star gazing, which is always more enjoyable near a smaller city like Iligan than close to a larger, brighter area.

Casino Filipino

Casinos make up a lot of the fun of the Philippines for some tourists. That’s because for much of the world they've been eclipsed by online and mobile gaming. New gaming options are constantly emerging and players can always discover new places to play online. You can still find a lot of traditional casinos where you can relax at the end of a day of exploring all over the Phillipines. Casino Filipino in Iligan City is a branch of an established business offering all of the classic games, and is among the city’s more entertaining attractions.

Iligan Anahaw Amphitheater

This is a fascinating little venue for entertainment and is built like a natural stadium in a surrounding forest. Shaped like a horseshoe surrounding a staging area, it can be used for outdoor basketball, musical and theatrical performances, and even political events. It’s sometimes referred to as the Jewel of Iligan, and though it looks and feels intimate, it can hold as many as 5,000 people for a given event. That makes it the largest open air amphitheater in the Philippines.

The Night Market

In small cities like this you can often find interesting markets where you can shop for local goods and delicious foods. Iligan City is no exception, and on Friday and Saturday nights the Night Market is a great place to check out. You’ll find plenty of interesting souvenirs, as well as authentic lechon (a pork dish that’s fairly common in the Philippines) and other tasty offerings.

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