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Taguig | Tonchaya Japanese Kitchen & Bar

Crunchy Tuna Maki

I’ve always loved Asian Cuisine that is why I am always on look out for possible restaurants in the Metro that would satisfy my cravings for such. One of which that I know of near where I am working is Tonchaya Japanese Kitchen & Bar located in the center of Bonifacio Global City – The Fort Strip.

Tonchaya Japanese Kitchen & Bar

Crunchy Salmon Maki


The name Tonchaya (translates to Ton's Kitchen) came from the owner’s son, Anton, who has a girlfriend with Japanese nationality. It was established in January 2012 and had its first outlet at the heart of Ortigas. Looking inside the place, you’d immediately be greeted with colorful red design, Japanese-inspired interiors – wooden and glass doors/walls, wooden chairs and tables, some wooden plates, cute counters – and art/paintings, which were done by a Japanese interior designer. Everything about the place reminds me of Japanese homey place, even though I have only seen one on tv. It is refreshing to have such given that the area is known for its night life and majority of the other restaurants has a Western theme.

Tonchaya Japanese Kitchen & Bar

Seafood Ramen

The first one we’ve tried was the crunchy makis: Crunchy Crab Maki, Crunchy Salmon Maki, and Crunchy Tuna Maki. The delightful Crunchy Crab Maki (Php 280) is made with rice rolls and kani stick topped with shredded crabstick. I especially liked the latter two, Crunchy Salmon Maki (Php 150) and Crunchy Tuna Maki (Php 150), because it has more of a crunchy feeling and taste. It is also a rice roll but of different variation since it is with salmon/tuna tempura flakes topped with Japanese mayo spring onion and ebiko (prawn or shrimp eggs).

Crunchy Crab Maki

Crunchy Salmon Maki

My favorite that night was their Okonomiyaki (Php 275) also known as “Traditional Japanese Pizza” or “Japanese Pancakes.” I was pretty much excited when I hear there is one because I’ve never tried it before and much to my surprise, it was indeed delectable and much healthier than the normal pizzas! This Okonomiyaki composed of mixed seafood with katsuobushi (dried fish). Fun fact: Katsuobushi is a topping ingredient for a variety of Japanese food. It melts with heat and as it melts, it dances and wiggles around in a dramatic fashion which is fun to watch.


Chicken Teriyaki 

If you want to a fully-packed meal with rice, they have their Seafood Gomuko Chahan (Php 295) – fried rice mixed with shitake mushroom squid. Another is Chicken Teriyaki (Php 350) which is a chicken breast pan grilled and served with teriyaki sauce and rice. Another favorite of mine is the bowl of sushi rice served with salmon, tuna, tamago and ikaw macarel uni, named as Chirashidon and kinds (Php 445).
Seafood Gomuko Chahan
Chicken Teriyaki 

Chirashidon and kinds

We also had Beef Teddanyaki (Php 395) made of US Beef cube marinated in teppan sauce with vegetables. And of course, we wouldn’t miss these two best-loved Japanese dishes: Ebi Tempura and Seafood Ramen. Ebi Tempura (Php 375) is basically a battered king prawn served with tempura sauce. Their Seafood Ramen (Php 375) is a spicy stock soup mixed with seafood. These two has never failed in appetizing me.

Ebi Tempura

Beef Teddanyaki

Ebi Tempura and Seafood Gomuko Chahan

Seafood Ramen 

All in all, it was one mouthwatering and exquisite evening. I know I’d surely come back. Arigatou gozaimasu!

Tonchaya Japanese Kitchen & Bar is loacted at the The Fort Strip, Katipunan Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila. Visit their facebook page here.

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Fabiana said...

Good japanese food is hard to find, at least in the places I have been to, it is always good to know about places with tasty food, especially because I will be in the Philippines soon :)

Elal Lasola said...

@Fabiana: Enjoy Philippines' places and its food :D

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