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Bohol | Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Yaj on the zip. Spell chill.  

Well, what can I say? I was so thrilled to ride a bike since Grade 2. Yes, that long. See, I'd never learned to successfully ride one because 1) my dad was VERY overprotective that I might get an accident while learning and 2) I tried to learn it behind my dad's back and, indeed, met an accident. I swore to myself that I wouldn't try to sneak and learn after that 'til eventually I was not able to learn it at all. Haha 

Chocolate Hills. Foggy view but still enchanting.

Chino on the zip

So, here we were on the third week of July, pretty much excited to go to CHAP (Chocolate Hills Adventure Park) which newly opened. We were very eager to try their most popular attraction, The Rush, also known as the Bike Zip! I mean just imagine biking on a zip line. Pretty scary, right? The dread, by the way, is very obvious from my photos. Haha The ride is like a round trip type, we started from a tower to the other end which seems like a chocolate hill and go back to the tower. The first ride going to was the scariest part because that was when the adjustment of pedaling on air took place. Just a tip, don't look down because that will scare you more (guilty), instead look ahead or enjoy the wonderful view of the grand Chocolate Hills it has to offer while you are on air.

Getting to know some ssss

Pina-fake smile kasi sobrang kinakabahan :P

We love CHAP! With our guide and the manager.

The second we tried was their Tree Top Adventure. I mean, you wouldn't miss this part because I, for one, felt like really completing the challenge in the jungle because of the lush green and strong trees surrounding us. Ah, breather from the city indeed because all you'll inhale is just fresh air. You can choose one or both on this adventure namely The Snake Ladder - Tree Top RCA, the easier one, and The Pentagon -Tree Top RCB, the hard one. We tried the easy one because we were not prepared at all for this and I was wearing my Jelly Bean slippers, which is not ideal for this activity. I was amazed how hard the easy part that they call on this course, it was hard! Or it must have been because the woods were slippery from the rain. Yep, rain or shine, we went and moved on. In fact, even with the difficulties, Marx and I managed to take some photos from his phone. Ha! Talk about persistence to document our fake smiles. After finishing the 'easy part,' they told us we could either go down or proceed to the 'hard part.' Because we were a bunch who wouldn't want to miss some challenge, we moved further to more tree top rope challenges. And yes, I agreed that those were some hard trails I had ever tried on Tree Top Adventure, namely their versions of "The Earthquake" and "The Jacob's Walk" rope challenge. We did not complete the last set of course because the wood was too slippery and we needed to be able to handle our weight which is kind of impossible because our muscles were then strained. But, it was one heck of adventure I'd never thought I'd try on a slipper and I am so glad I did. :)

Restaurant at CHAP

Marx on the zip

Beautiful Bohol

Aside from The Rush -Bike Zip(Php 400 per person), The Snake Ladder - Tree Top RCA (Php 200 per person), and The Pentagon -Tree Top RCB (Php 350 per person), CHAP offers the scenic view of Chocolate Hills too and other fun activities like Gymnaskids -Child Rope Course (Php 200 per person), Eco-Hiking Trail (Php 200 per person), Camping (Php 200 per person) and Chicken & Fish feeding (Php 200 per person). They also offer sumptuous Boholano delicacies at their restaurarnt, accept bookings for social events and conferences, and gearing up for a Wildlife Habitat which starts on introducing and learning about some reptiles like snakes. Entrance at CHAP is Php 60 per person.

CHAP's entrance/lobby

The start of the adventure starts here!

Over all, we loved CHAP and enjoyed our stay in Carmen. There maybe some remnants of the earthquake on some churches we saw on the road but I am glad to know that the island is slowly recovering. Read more on our stay at Bluewater Panglao here.

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park is the latest eco-tourism adventure park located at Camanayon, Brgy Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol, Philippines which opens daily from 830 am to 530 pm (including holidays). For more details contact them at 09326677098, email at or visit their facebook page.

Fish feeding entrance at CHAP

(L-R) Marx of, Chino of, 
Yours truly and Yaj of


Ride any tricycle or pedicab going to the DAO Terminal, fare costs around Php 10 pesos per person. We were from the airport then and it took 10-20 minutes to get there. At the terminal, ride a bus going to or passing through Carmen, Bohol and let the bus conductor/driver know that you are alighting at CHAP or where the famous "Biking" is before the Chocolate Hills Old Viewing Deck. Fare is around Php 50 -60 pesos and will take an hour and a half to get there. From the National Highway, you can either ride a "habal-habal"/local motorcycles to CHAP or do what we did, which is walk to its entrance. It will take around 5-10 minutes of walk to get there.

Tips: If you are on a tight budget, you can eat at some karenderia outside CHAP which viands costs around Php 10-20 pesos.

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