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Philippines | Travel WithLocals

Some locals of Daet, Camarines Norte riding on a jeep

In a short while that I have been traveling, I truly believe that the ultimate experience I get was at those times where I relate and talk with the locals of the place, be a part of their activities, and have a taste of their local cuisines. It is a truly amazing how strangers become friends and how the people you meet on the rotad leaves an everlasting print in your heart.

That being said, it is fascinating that there is, in fact, a website which aims to connect travelers around the word through their experiences with locals. Withlocals is the peer-to-peer marketplace where local people offer experiences and their skills to travelers. Their mission is to connect people and culture through local cuisines and one-of-a-kind travel experiences.

The famous chicken of Bugasong, Antique

Want to become part of the fast growing community of Withlocals? There are actually two ways of being part of this community, one is to become a host or a traveler. To become a host, first thing on the list is to register on their site, then you can altogether add an experience of your hometown, and receive travelers who would like to enjoy your place and eat. On the other hand, if you travel often, this is a perfect avenue for you to explore and have an unforgettable dining experience. Just sign up at their site, find and book from a list of offerings at the place where you want to travel, and enjoy your experience. Rest assured that the Withlocals team do ensure quality and has a rigorous system of verifying every experience they are offering. Most importantly, they also rely on the reviews and the sense of community built on the site to help maintain the quality of the experiences. In fact they'd guarantee your experience and will fully refund your money if you are less than 100% satisfied. 

WithLocals is currently covers the following countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and the newest, The Philippines.

Elal of The Shades of Grey Travel and Photography
Elal is a traveler, student of life and photography enthusiast who wants to experience and capture what is raved and not raved about. For more about her travels, subscribe here, email at, or visit her portfolio.


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