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Photographs | Punta Hagdan and Taguimtim

En route to Tobias Fornier from Anini-y is a scenic view of palms edging the beach and the Sulu waves crashing over the rocky and non-rocky shore of Antique. I so wish to stay there until the golden hour but our Manggad Kang Antique or The Treasures of Antique Heritage Tour's itinerary tells us otherwise so I have to use the limited time I have to appreciate and frame this wonderful backdrop. 


I was busy setting my camera and taking some shots, while some UP Visayas' students where busy taking photos of the place too, when a large strong wave came and engulfed all of my gadgets! Yes, from the filter, lens, camera and bag. I was shocked and trembled as I retreated back to the van where I attempted to clean and wipe my gears from the salt water that I know is very lethal for my camera. I mean, what gear could survive salt water? Almost none.

I kept it under the sun most of the time thereafter and wiped every single liquid form on my camera that I could spot, and I thank God I still got it working up until now. This situation of my camera being at risk reminds me of the day my phone jumped in San Jose during our island hopping where after several hours of use, retired and defeated from the angst of the salt water's dip.
Some lessons are really learned the hard way but I was pleased when I saw some of the snaps so maybe it was worth it after all.

The trip is made possible by Katahum Tours in Antique. To know more about it visit their website or email

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