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Daet | Pineapple Island Resort

Arriving for our Date in Daet event, we were welcomed with this beautiful resort at the outskirts of Daet. Good thing I've bought some pretty swimwear before the trip. Their grand-looking pools greeted us and, if our itineraries tells us otherwise, I would have wanted to take a dip with their pool immediately.

Even if I was not able to take a dip immediately, we were glad we did during dusk, we were from Bagasbas Beach, and was dread tired and happy with our earlier surfing session and the whole day's activity but it did not keep us from swimming and their four exciting water-slides. Good thing night swimming is until 11 pm.

Okay, so you may call me a loser because I have been to numerous resorts but I haven't tried one water-slide ever! Haha So basically, I don't usually try it because of the fact that I do not know how to swim and most of the resorts' slides greet a 6 feet to 8 feet depth. So, yeah I have said no a hundred times before but not in Pineapple Island Resort! Their slides are like designed for people like me (yeah, short and non-swimmer) to be able to try the experience. Couldn't hear anything except my deafening heartbeat racing so fast as I slide and screamed 'til I reached the pool. What a thrilling experience! That was what I was missing my whole life. Ha! Well, not anymore.

After our nights dinner, we eventually crashed happily at our comfortable rooms. Ours was an AAV Manor, which was their newest, family room with attic, the first level has two big beds and the second floor has 2 mattresses. I was at the second floor which felt to me like home. Rate for AAV Manor Family rooms with attic, good for 8 pax, is Php 6800.

Rates for their deluxe family cabins are as follows:  Sherry Rooms A and B (good for 4 pax) - Php 4200 and Bianca Rooms C and D (good for 4 pax) - Php 4800. They also have economy cabins: Raquel (good for 10 pax) - Php 7500 and Louella (good for 2 pax) - Php 1500.

Pineapple Island Resort is located at Brgy. Calasgasan, 4600 Daet, Camarines Norte and opens daily from 9 am to 6 pm. Contact them through this number (054) 440 1356 or visit their facebook page.

Date in Daet (#DiD2014) is tourism advocacy campaign organized by Apple Allison of  Sole Searching in partnership with, supported by and co-presented by the Local Government Unit of Daet headed by Mayor Tito S. Sarion under the Daet on the DOT Program.

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John Marx Velasco said...

Ang ganda ng kuha. Turuan mo ako!!! :)

Elal Lasola said...

Sure! Sa July <3

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