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6 Travel Essentials for your Getaway

Do you love to travel? Here are some of the list of travel essentials you have to keep in mind before your trip:

1) Camera. Well this is a given no matter what kind of camera that is, may it be film, underwater camera, film, phone, or even camcorders! And oh, don't forget the batteries too.

2) Travel Accessories. Yes, girls and boys has this all the time. The must have travel accessories you just can't live without. It could be a makeup, hair dryer, chargers, or voltage converters.

3) Carry on items. Anything you can simply carry lightly during boarding (e.g. tissues, plane tickets, travel pillow/blanker, book, passport, additional pair of socks, snacks, pen, ear phones).

4) Travel clothing. I think this comprises majority of my load during traveling. And keep in mind to know what are your activities ahead to know what exactly you needed to pack.

5) Medicine and travel toiletry. Bringing a little kit of these while traveling around won't hurt and would serve most helpful.

6) Other essentials. The rest of the things you need liek your laptop, spare glasses, travel journal, small umbrella, flashlights, sun glasses, business cards and the like.

Are you ready for your trip now? If not, buy some of your needed travel essentials already. Otherwise, have fun and remember that the most important travel essential above all is a positive mindset. :)

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fbalgos said...

sakin, my lip gloss.. Its never out of my pocket. lol!

Elal Lasola said...

Ah. forgot about that. Can't live without a gloss too. Especially during summer :)

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