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Binondo Food Trip


Dong Bei | Making some pasta

I have been staying in Manila for 2 years already and I have gone to Binondo for Visita Iglesia and photowalk but not for its ultimate food trip. That is why I readily agreed when an invitation came to tour and eat around Binondo. 

It was around 10plus when I arrived in Binondo. I was late because the invitation of Binondo Food Trip from Robbie was supposed to start at 10. When we got to our first stop, they're already done! Gratefully, they waited for us to order some more and chatted with some new found friends.

Over all, we had SIX food stops and we were all bloated after the tour! Let me enumerate those 6:

Wai Ying Fast Food

New friends during the Binondo Food Trip

Since I was late, I immediately ordered my favorite, Siomai (Php 55.00), and Shimp Chong Fan (Php 60). Rob told me that the latter is a must try in Wai Ying Fast Food. Matched it with the popular Nai Cha (Php 50) drink. 

The siomai was delectable and being a siomai house's avid customer, I  distinguished the difference of a REAL siomai! This is what I've been missing! LOL The Shrimp Chong Fan was a new taste for me but it was good too. I felt so healthy eating it. 


Shrimp Chong Fan

Nai Cha

Mr. Ube

Mr Ube

Binondo's new food store is Mr Ube, well I think it's new because its facade is not yet dusty. Haha  I was still full from Wai Ying Fast Food, so I bought the must-try hopia that they told me and I'm glad that I did. I ordered the Custard Ube (Php 40.00), it was similar to hopia only sweeter and since it was refrigerated it was like an ice cream. It definitely is a must-try! Until now, whenever a friend of mine is going to Binondo, I tell them to buy those hopia for me.

Karla, me and Rob

Custard Ube!

Forgot the name of this violet-colored siopao

Quan Yin Chay Vegetarian

All of what is inside Quan Yin Chay is new to my ears. In fact, I haven't tried those vegetarian meat ever! We ordered some familiar and unfamiliar dishes like bicol express but only with vegetarian meat. Price of per serving is around Php 40 to Php 60. 

Surprisingly, the vegetarian meat was good with the healthy benefits as a plus. After eating, I felt so healthy because they're all vegies!

Bicol Express with Vegetarian Meat

In Cebuano, this one is called "Dinuldog"

Nikki, me and Rob

Some complimentary tea

Sa Lido Restaurant

Sa Lido

We were so full that we are just looking for a place to chill and have some desserts and so we had desserts! Some bought Coffee, Lychee, Halo-halo and Mango Pudding. It was a refreshing sweet stop after all the meals we've consumed!




Mango Pudding

Dong Bei Dumplings


For me, if you have been to Binondo and have not tried Dong Bei Dumplings then you are missing some authentic steamed dumplings and siomai big time! This is my favorite stop simply because the taste of the dumplings/siomai/noodles was VERY different. Even though I haven't been to China, I felt that I have eaten to one of those dumpling restos there because of Dong Bei Dumplings. And all for a very reasonable price! We ordered Fried Stuffed Pancake (4 pcs. for Php 100), Steamed Dumpling (10 pcs. for Php 120), Steamed Siomai (6 pcs. for Php 100) and some noodles (around Php 120). It was definitely good for value and the taste! Maybe it was the steam or their noodles/wrappers, but it definitely tastes soooo good. Gah, I'm missing those dumplings while writing this! Haha

Fried Stuffed Pancake 

Forgot the name of the noodles 

Steamed Dumpling


Steamed Siomai

Shin Tai-Shang Foods

Buy some more of those hopias for pasalubong to your friends and family at Shin Tai-Shang Foods. They offer various sweets and many more goodies! 

More hopia! Weee :D

It definitely had fun trying some familiar and unfamiliar dishes! I would definitely go back to Binondo anytime soon to taste those custard hopias and those yummy steamed dumplings!

Some good looking building

Night market at LRT Carriedo

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Elal Lasola said...

Namiss ko rin food trip sa Binondo. Super sulit at sarap. :)

Emme said...

Salivating over the noodle making and those stuffed pancakes.

Elal Lasola said...

Same here. The last one for me was the superb during that visit. :)

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