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Germany's Black Forest (Schwarzwald)

Situated in the heart of Europe along the Rhine valley, this lush German zone of large pine and fir trees, green valleys, lakes, waterfalls and beautiful villages (some of great watchmaking tradition) is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. It is one of the top destinations for train trips thanks to Eurostar.

In very general terms, we could say that the Black Forest is a mountain range with a large tree density, with an elongated rectangle whose vertices are Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Lake Constance (Bodensee) and Basel, and is located in the federal state of Baden, W├╝rttemberg. Today, the Black Forest is known as a natural attraction, located in this area of ​​Germany and attracting hundreds of tourists every year.

Often the division of these 'extended ' solid blocks is the Kinzig River, dividing the Forest into two parts:

- The Middle Black Forest (German Schwarzwald Mittlerer). It starts from the area of Aachen, on the border with Switzerland until a little north of the city of Lahr. 

- Northern Black Forest (German Nordschwarzwald). This part starts from the city of Offenburg, at the entrance of the river Kinzig Valley, up to the cities of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart.

Also sometimes the division of this tourist area is in three parts:

- North Negra, which includes cities like Baden or Pforzheim Calw. 

- Selva Negra Media, with cities like Offenburg and that includes the Kinzig Valley. 

- Southern Black Forest, where the university town of Freiburg is located.

It is truly a magic place to be at and you can get lost in the natural beauty of the Black Forest. It is a very favourable travel destination for a train trip.

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