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Tuguegarao| Pancit Cabagan and Batil Patung


Pancit Cabagan

Pancit Cabagan and Batil Patung are two of the famous cuisines found in Tuguegarao. That is why when we arrived there, we immediately went to the nearest food place in town which has the two on the menu.

 Felicita's in Tuguegarao

All time fave chicharon which is pork's intestine in deep fry

The hotel front desk told us of Felicita's, so off we went there via tricycle. The fare costs Php 10 per person.

They have big servings of these pancits for affordable price range of Php 50 - 60 which made us all full and ready for our afternoon tour.

Pancit Cabagan originated from Isabela province, while Batil Patung originated from Tuguegarao City. Batil Patung's name comes from the local term "batil" means beated egg and "patung" means on top.

Pancit Cabagan

Batil Patung

Pancit Cabagan is made up of stir fried noodles mixed with pork, veggies, quail eggs and crushed chicharon, which I really like.

Batil Patung has almost the same ingredients as Pancit Cabagan except that the eggs were served sunny side up. My friend, Mage, says she tasted this one with loads of liver at another restaurant.

You can add calamansi and onions to these pancits too.

After eating, I was still looking for that distinct taste for these meals that made it popular in this city. Although, I am hoping I would eventually find the missing "taste" given a chance to tour around Tuguegarao next time. 

Which other restaurants have you tried these two? Feel free to pitch in. :)

Felicita's in Tuguegarao

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