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Mt. Pundaquit-Anawangin-Nagsasa-Capones Itinerary


San Antonio, Zambales

I am grateful and happy to be invited to this full packed 2 days/1 night adventure of Ivan Lakwatsero as he turns twenty. Arriving at San Antonio, Zambales, we took our breakfast and bought food for 2 days, was welcomed by Pundaquits beach and mountains, and began our trek to Mt. Pundaquit's summit. Descending from Mt. Pundaquit is the Anawangin Cove and off we went (via boat) to Nagsasa Cove where we spent our night on one of the camping sites. After exploring the Nagsasa Cove, we proceeded to Capones Island where, aside from the beach, we can find a Spanish Lighthouse. And after that last stop, we headed back to our sweet homes with the captured memories in our heart that we will surely treasure forever. :)

More details on this trip:
Pundaquits Beach before our trek
Mt. Pundaquit trek and reaching the summit
Passing the Anawangin Cove
Boat trip to Nagsasa Cove
Exploring the paradise, Nagsasa Cove
Capones Island

Here's our itinerary:

Day 1 

03:00 am - Assembly at Victory Liner Monumento
04:00 am - Departure from Manila to San Antonio
08:30 am - San Antonio, breakfast/grocery, proceed to Brgy. Pundaquit
10:00 am - Brgy. Pundaquit; start trek
12:00 pm - Arrival at Mt. Anawangin summit
12:30 pm - Start descent to Anawangin Cove
04:30 pm - Anawangin Cove Photo Ops
05:00 pm - Boat to Nagsasa Cove
05:30 pm - Nagsasa Cove, set-up camp, late lunch, sunset photo-ops
06:00 pm - Prepare dinner
07:00 pm - Dinner
07:30 pm - Free time: socials
09:00 pm - Star gazing

Day 2 

06:00 am - Wake up; prepare for breakfast
07:00 am - Breakfast time
08:00 am - Photo-ops at Nagsasa Cove
09:45 am – Explore Nagsasa Beach
11:00 am - Break camp
12:00 am - Boat to Capones Island
01:00 pm - Swim to Capones Island; Lighthouse Photo-ops
03:30 pm - Capones Island to San Antonio
04:30 pm - Wash-up, prepare for departure
06:00 pm – San Antonio departure
07:00 pm – Stranded
08:00 pm - Dinner at Subic
12:00 pm - Manila


Grocery - P100
Bus to San Antonio - P250
Food Expenses
(with bfast and packed lunch)- P320
Tricycle to Brgy. Pundaquit - P50 (per person)
**Guide fee - P100
**Boat- P380 (per person of 8pax)
Tip - P40
Camping fee - P100
Jeep to Manila - P200

Approximate Total Expenses- P1,540

**Our contact for the boat and guide is Kuya Mike (PM me if you wish to contact him) :)


From the capital city of the National Capital Region - Manila, you can go to Zambales by taking a bus in Cubao/Pasay/Caloocan/Kamias/Sampaloc operated by Victory Liner. The bus ride from Manila to Zambales takes around 5 hours. In this case where we wanted to go to Pundaquit Beach, we stopped at San Antonio, Zambales with the help from the bus' crew.

Elal of The Shades of Grey Travel and Photography
Elal is a traveler, student of life and photography enthusiast who wants to experience and capture what is raved and not raved about. For more about her travels, subscribe here, email at, or visit her portfolio.


ivanlakwatsero said...

ayun.. pakopya nalang ng itinerary. hehe.

Elal Lasola said...

Hindi ako sure kong tama ba yan. haha :D

ian dela pena said...

Ako ren pakopya =)

Elal Lasola said...

Sureness. Inedit ko lang yung former eh. :D

juanderfulpinoy said...

naks meron na? nakadraft na rin pala. Edit ko pa yung original.

Elal Lasola said...

hahaha gawa gawa lang. inedit ko lang from ivan's :)

Travel Junkie Mommy said...

dun sa camping fee kasama na ung tent?

Elal Lasola said...

Hindi po ata. 300 good for 2 to 3 people po ang tent. Nasama na ata sa calculation sa boat kasi kay kuya mike kami nagrent ng boat, tent at bili ng water. :)

julie said...

sa boat po and rentals, panu pag group of 4 lang possible pa din po kya?btw thanks sa itinerary and expenses, nagkaron ako ng idea thanks again...

Elal Lasola said...

siguro multiplied by 2 yung babayaran by each person otherwise maybe you could negotiate with a smaller boat :D np. happy to share and help.

Anonymous said...

Hi may I know kuya Mike's contact number we are planning to go to zambales by May... :)kindly send to my email add at thanks in advance.

Elal Lasola said...

Emailed you :D I hope you'd have a great get away this May :D

jeffer said...

Hi, thank you for this blog post. May I ask for the number of Kuya Mike, please? We're planning an impromptu trip this weekend kasi. to, please. Thanks!

Elal Lasola said...

I sent you an email! Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Pwede po bang makuha ang number ni Kuya Mike. pa send nalang sa Maraming salamat.

Elal Lasola said...

Sent it already! No problem. :)

hahaha said...

Hi, can i get the number of Kuya Mike? Thanks!

hahaha said...

Hi, can i get the number of Kuya Mike? Thanks!

Elal Lasola said...

Sure. Just give me your email address :)

Anonymous said...

hello po...yung camping fee po ba ay 100 per head???thanks...

Elal Lasola said...

yep per person yung expenses sa taas :D

Anonymous said...

pd poh b makuha ang number ni kuya mike? tnx poh

Anonymous said...

Hi! Can I have the contact # of kuya Mike? :) Thank you, here's my email address,

Elal Lasola said...

Sent it to your email! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi po..pwede po pa email ng no. ni kuya mike..thanks

Anonymous said...

gud day! pd po b makuha contact number ni kuya mike? tnx po..

Elal Lasola said...

Email sent, Dakz.

Elal Lasola said...

Sent an email to you, Yuri. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ano po contact number ng guide nyo? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi. Ano po contact number ng guide nyo? My email add is
Thank you ng marami. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi you have a nice blog :) we're planning to visit Nagsasa on May 18, May I request for the contact number of kuya Mike (boatman)please. here's my email add...

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! you have a nice blog :) May I request for the contact number of Kuya Mike? thank you so much :)

Anonymous said...

hi can i have po the number of kuya mike thanks

Zambales Paradise said...

gud pm po, this alan arlantico of pundaquit to anawangin travel,.. comment lang po ako sa mga fair nyo para malaman ng iba ang tamang prize ng transpo to anawangin,.. sa Bus nasa 260.00+ ... sa tricycle po 30 isa lang po at wla po bayad sa guide.. sa boat min of 8 pax P300/head po my island hoping kasama,.. para makamura po kyo, tawag po kyo sa 09399398456/09223753555/09358118095 salamat po..

Unknown said...

Hello sir I am aristotle and we are planning to climb Mt. Balingkilat traversing anawangin then beach bumming to capones island. May I know the contact number of boatman/guide kuya Mike. Here is my email add: or txt me @ 09279670658

Elal Lasola said...

Sent. Thanks :D

Zambales Paradise said...

The following is a list of things that would make your stay in Anawangin or Nagsasa Cove a smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable. Take note that some of these are optional and it's really up to you if you want to bring them all. Before deciding which are necessary and which are not, always take into consideration that:

*There are no resorts in Anawangin.
*There is no electricity in the place.
*There is no cellphone signal reception in the area.
*Merchandise sold on the beach are very expensive.

Anawangin Checklist

*Cash - As mentioned, there are no ATMs near the place. All transactions will have to paid with cash.

*Tent - This is the only form of accommodation in Anawangin. You may choose to sleep outside on a mat but remember that the weather is unpredictable and it gets really cold early in the morning.

*Blanket - A light one should be sufficient.

*Hammock - You may want to bring a hammock for relaxation. There are a lot of trees available for you to tie the hammock on to. There are also peddlers selling hammocks for PhP200-Php300 (depending on the season) with "free-installation".

*Clothes - Make sure you bring enough for your overnight stay. You may also want to bring a jacket during the Amihan season to protect you from the cold.

*Goggles/Snorkel gear - There are fishes and sea flora but the place is really more of a swimming than a snorkeling place.

*Sunglasses - The surroundings can get very bright.

*Camera/Camera accessories - The place is very picturesque. You may want to bring an extra battery because there's no electricity for charging.

*MP3 player/Earphones/Portable speakers - Play music for extra relaxation.
*Ziplock bag - To keep you belongings, specially gadgets, dry

*Portable lamp/Candles - There are lightweight, cheap lamps sold in Ace Hardware/SM Workshop for less that a hundred bucks. Make sure to bring enough batteries as needed. You can bring candles for additional illumination.

*Portable gas range/Butane - This will make cooking a lot easier. Portable gas ranges sell from PhP600 to PhP1500 in Ace Hardware/SM Workshop depending on the style/model. Butane canisters cost ~PhP60 in any hardware store.

*Charcoal - In case you want to cook/grill, bring some specially if you don't have a portable gas range.

*Spoon/Fork/Plate/Cup - Bringing your own utensils, plates, and cups instead of using plastic ones bought from the grocery store is always best for the environment.

*Food/Snacks - Don't bring too much or too extravagant food. Remember that the place encourages the simple life.

*Canned goods - Backup food is good to have. You may also live on a diet of canned goods in the place.

*Can opener
*Dishwashing liquid
*Trash Bag - Make sure you bring a big trash bag to prevent litter from taking over the beautiful place. Trash bags can be left with the caretakers before you leave.

There are a lot of items you can borrow from your boatman, especially if you already built a good relationship from multiple visits. Remember that they lend you stuff out of the goodness of their hearts but giving them a well-deserved tip would be much appreciated.

Things to do in Anawangin Cove or Nagsasa Cove
1. Camping. Show us what you learned during your Boy Scout/Girl Scout days.

2. Island Hopping. Aside from Camara and Capones Islands, and Anawangin and Nagsasa Coves, there's Talisayin and Silangin Coves as well.

3. Skimboarding.

4. Frisbee. Play frisbee ala-Derek.

5. Photography. Now's the time to hone your landscape photography skills. And why not bring along your model-friends for portraiture shots.

6. Trek to Capones Light house. Take the longer route. Seriously.

7. Trek Mount Pundaquit. Always consider the weather should you decided to do this, guys. Safety should always be a priority.

8. Swimming. Obviously. :-) or Snorkeling (bring your gear)

4 more info contact us @
Look4 Jen or Alan

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