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Stocks in Money Games

As a former educator in Mathematics and an enthusiast to games that simply awaken our logical or critical thinking, I have always been a fond of trying out different puzzles and games that continue to do so as a form of break in our day to day lives.

I have come across this expecting to just have fun during my past time but, amazingly, I hit two birds in one stone when I found out that it isn’t simply mind-boggling games but one that also helps to introduce and train young minds for financial awareness.

It varies from different kinds as well. Aside from the money games I have encountered, they also got real estate games, cryptocurrency games, business simulation games, software development games, among others.

I particularly loved Stocks under money games. Philippines is a third world country that strives, but still struggles, to make education a priority. This in the hope of bridging the huge gap of the wealth disparity between the very small percentage of elites and the rest of the country. It doesn’t help that the education system isn’t enough yet and doesn’t have the right resource/tools for financial education courses that would at least introduce or create awareness to young minds about these crucial life skills we need as an adult as a preparation to face the real world.

Stocks, in particular, is close to my heart because I learned after graduating college and just started working. It was just curiosity together with some friends to get out of the rat race that seemingly doesn’t end. And finding ways to make money work for us instead of simply working for money all our lives. This game would create a glimpse of what real life trading looks like, may it be short-term or long-term investment.

It is a good discovery and one that is worth trying. In the age of fast paced technology continuously evolving, it is a delight to see these kinds of tools and innovations available in just a click or tap of our hands. Such resource that aren’t available or lacked then when we are younger, we can maximize now and help the next generation to create a better understanding.

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