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Arlington vs. Washington, DC: Which is the Better Place to Live?

Washington D.C. and Arlington have always had a rivalry that seems to grow stronger as time passes. Because of this, many moving to the area aren't 


There are far more jobs in Washington D.C. that pay far more than those in Arlington. Unfortunately, there's also a ton of competition not only from those who live in the area but also from national candidates. 

This competition can make it harder to score a job, even though more are available. Although the average assignment pays far less, getting hired in Arlington is easier. 

Property Prices 

Arlington real estate is far more affordable than D.C. properties not only because of the number of properties available but also because it's not the country's capital. As the capital, D.C. carries a gravity to it that can add twenty to thirty thousand dollars to the cost of any home. 

Although this can be nice if you're selling a property in D.C., it can be annoying if you're trying to buy a house and it's unnecessarily overpriced. 


With secondary education, there's no competition here: D.C. is home to some of the best universities in the country. International students fly in to go to college here every year because of how great each school is. 

However, elementary to high school are won by Arlington. Arlington has a 95% graduation rate, something incredibly high. In comparison, Washington D.C. only has a 68% graduation rate, something concerning for parents who are trying to move here to give their children a better chance. 


To some degree, both areas have walkable neighborhoods, but D.C. has a far higher crime rate than Arlington. This is because of the dense population with low jobs, forcing poverty in many parts of Washington D.C. There are programs to help with this, but it's a slow transition. 

If you want to live in a neighborhood where you'll feel safe to walk to the store at night or allow your children to play outside without being nervous for them, Arlington is a better bet. Danger can happen anywhere, so it's important to protect your family, and Arlington is the better way to do that. 


If you want entertainment, from museums to plays, to theaters, you'll love Washington, D.C. This area is well known for investing in the arts and museums so that those who go to school here can get as much quality education as they want. 

Although most of these can be expensive, there are a lot of programs for students, or those who tour these in groups, to save some money. This can allow you to take in even more entertainment! 

Both Cities Have So Much to Offer 

Both Arlington and Washington D.C. have a lot to offer, from amazing people, fantastic education, wild property prices, and even entertainment. Consider your options carefully, and think about which area makes you happy. These cities may be close together, but they're incredibly different places to live in

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