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Snapping Toronto: FlightHub’s Best Photo Ops In The Big Smoke

There are no shortages of places to grab great photos in Canada’s largest and most prolific city. Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a world class city featuring unique architecture, copious amounts of street art, and enough hidden gems to keep your Flickr account fresh. 

I spoke with FlightHub, a Canadian online travel agency, about where photographers should focus their attention when touring the streets of Toronto.

The CN Tower

The king of Toronto’s skyline since 1976, the CN Tower is the reason that Toronto’s skyline remains in conversations as one of the World’s best. Measuring in at 553 metres tall, the CN Tower maintained a hold on two height records for over 30 years until it was unseated after 34 years. As for capturing it,landscape photos are fine and dandy, but if you want to grab the best shots, take a ride up the elevator and snap some photos from the numerous observation areas. Feeling extra dedicated? Hop up to the 360 Restaurant, grab some grub, and take a great time-lapse of Toronto’s prolific cityscape. Other things to check out include the towers many glass floors, and EdgeWalk, a potentially terrifying walk around the outside of the tower. At the base of tower rests The Rogers Centre, the home of the MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays, and a great place to also capture with your camera.

Kensington Market

A historic neighbourhood within Toronto’s downtown core, Kensington Market is a quaint gathering of unique shops, small cafes, and some of Toronto’s best street art according to FlightHub. A walk down any of this areas alleys is sure to reveal various pieces from Toronto’s network of artists. Likewise, this area features unique storefronts and is full of life, especially in the peak of Summer. Easily accessible by Toronto’s TTC. public transit is the way to go to this area, which rests just North of Toronto’s bustling downtown core.


Toronto’s Chinatown is one of the most sprawling of any city in Canada and was a must see according to FlightHub’s review. Sitting next to Kensington Market and just North of Toronto’s core, Chinatown is full of not just great places to shop in or eat at, but also great places to document with your camera. It’s centralized location at the corner of Dundas and Spadina, two of Toronto’s largest streets, makes this area a great starting point for a day out in Canada’s largest city.

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 *2nd and 3rd photo by Mark Novak

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