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Antique | Istorya-Kanta Kinaray-a (Original Kinaray-a Music Concert), Food and Carnival

The day one of our Manggad Kang Antique or The Treasures of Antique Heritage Tour's highlight is the Istorya Kanta Kinaray-a or the Original Kinaray-a Music Concert (aka OKM). Kinaray-a is the language mainly spoken in Antique province and some parts in Iloilo, south of Capiz Province and certain villages in Mindanao.

From watching the sundown at Tibiao, we were welcomed for dinner at the house of the Tibiao Mayor. Right after we feasted over loads of food presented, we directly went to the plaza where the concert will be held.


You know, I have only been in Antique for a day but I could not help but fall in love with their culture. People do love their history and heritage, and locals mostly know about it. They take pride of their music which lead to preservation and it is still performed during their local concerts like this. Simply beautiful.

One of the songs that we heard during the concert was in fact our last song syndrome (lss) for the weekend, singing the phrases: "Krurrhay, katahum kang Antique." In Tagalog, it translates to "Mabuhay, magandang Antique" or, in English, "Live great, beautiful Antique."

The lovely night was full of colors with the music and dance from their performers showcasing all of Kinaray-a. 

The concert may have ended but my companions wanted to try the ferris wheel at the plaza. Yes, we are that young at heart. Since I have, err, a motion sickness, I declined the offer of joining them because I simply do not want to throw up all that I have eaten at the Mayor's feast. LOL

I ended up looking around and taking some snapshots around the carnival. I wish I have a prime lens to take snaps faster because lights were dim and people are moving fast doing the carnival's gambling here and there. This made me remember fiestas at my very own hometown, Dumaguete.

The trip is made possible by Katahum Tours in Antique. To know more about it visit their website or email

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