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World Through A Lens: The Best Travel Photographers Of 2013

The finalists of the Travel Photographer of the Year 2013 awards have been announced and the last round of judging is underway.

Although you won't have an opportunity to view the winning pictures until next year, here is a list of our favourite travel photographers from 2013, just in case you need some travel inspiration while searching for those cheap flights online…

Gary Arndt

Since embarking on his travel photography career in 2007, Arndt has accumulated several accolades for his work, most recently the title of 2014 SATW Travel Photographer of the Year. His work covers 130 countries across all seven continents and his website features helpful tips on taking and editing pictures for hobbyist travel photographers.

Jimmy Nelson

British Nelson hit the headlines this year with the release of his book "Before They Pass", which depicts 31 remote tribes from five continents. The stunning prints capture the traditional dress, weaponry and jewellery of these communities, with the book providing further details of their rituals and hierarchy.

Glen Allison

Describing himself as a visual artist, Allison's work is vivid and bold with an intense style that seems to straddle the fields of photography and graphic design. His pictures of Asian countries are particularly dazzling and his website features a dedicated travel blog. There are several photos documenting traditional festivals and celebrations, whose vibrant colours are particularly rewarding for photographers. Furthermore, Asia is a reasonably affordable travel destination and budding travel photographers should research cheap flights online.

Gavin Gough

As a stock photographer for Getty images, Thai-based Gough had the necessary skills and knowledge to co-found the Bangkok Photo School. Gough is particularly talented at capturing portraits and the pace and energy of life, and is notable for his sensitivity to his subject matter.

Meleah Reardon

Romantic skies feature prominently in Reardon's work, so much so that her works bear a watercolour-type quality, ethereal and enchanting. It helps that a lot of her time is spent photographing European castles, cathedrals and landscapes, bringing a touch of Tolkien charm to this world.

Winners of the Travel Photographer of the Year 2013 awards will be announced on 9th December 2013. Finalists will be exhibited at the Royal Geography Society from 11th July - 17 August 2014.

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