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Subic | Jungle-Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp


Colorful birds at JEST Camp

Jungle-Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp in Subic does not only give an adventurous chance of walking on air but also has an unforgettable close-up experience with various bird species.

Peacock at JEST Camp

Kuya preparing to cook some rice on a bamboo stalk

Cute bird resting on its nest

Right after our Tree Top Adventure we went to JEST Camp, I thought it was all about  survival training but I was surprised to see some cool looking birds that I have seen for the first time. One of the catchy ones were the bird with seemingly feathered collars on their neck and the bird with feathered boots on their feet. I wish to take photos of them all it was kinda difficult because of the grid-like effect from the cage where they are. 

Bird with seemingly feathered collars

Kuya preparing the rice

Iguana at JEST Camp

Aside from those birds, they have peacock, one was in shades of green and the other was pure white, and a new sanctuary of birds where you can freely stroll inside and touch or see the birds much up close. In fact, one of the birds directly went to Rob, a fellow travel blogger, right after going inside the place and stayed on him for quite some time. It was like playing or making friends with Rob while we happily took some snapshots. The one we went in was new because the old was damaged from a typhoon.


Bird at JEST Camp

JEST Camp start of the aerial walk

Right after our close-up experience with the birds, we went to the survival training which is mostly of aerial walk. It was quite scary at first but definitely fun. It also reminded me how I needed exercise because I have a difficulty managing my weight while walking on the rope. Haha Glad to have some secured harness to support me. 

Rob with the bird

Bird at JEST Camp


There were different "levels" of the aerial walk and after each level the other one seems to be more difficult than the prior. Also, I was actually pressured not to fall because I couldn't imagine how I could go back up or go down if that happens. Gratefully, I didn't fall. The last and most favorite part of mine is the sitting zip-line going back to where we started. No effort at all. Haha

Birds at JEST Camp

Bird at JEST Camp

Preparing for the aerial walk

It was not the Jungle-Environment Survival Training that I've expected but I had so much fun. And when we went back at our place at Subic Homes, we just lazily stayed at the couch instead of freshening up because the afternoon at the Tree Top Adventure and JEST Camp took all our energy. :P

Colored and white peacock

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Kat said...

Love the photos!

The first and last time I went to JEST Camp was more than a decade ago on a school field trip. Can't remember if may aviary na noon.

Dash Dacian said...

Good composition, nice warm color, a blurry background all in one frame.

Elal Lasola said...

Thanks Kat! From what the guide said, the aviary was just recently built mga one to two years pa lang :)

Elal Lasola said...

@Dash: Yay. You are so kind. Thank you!

Unknown said...

nice one.... pa share ako ng blog mo ha.. ganda ng mga photos as usual :)

Elal Lasola said...

Thanks Miss Elaine. Will update this soon with the additions on JEST Camp.

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