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Food and Wine Pairing by Jenni Epperson


I had the chance to attend the talk of an award winning lifestyle blogger, Jenni Epperson, about food and wine pairing. If you think that it is boring, well I guarantee you that it is totally not. As a matter of fact, I totally learned a lot and not only did she share about how she came up with her blog (more on food and lifestyle) but she also gave the audience a lot of tips to note on how to make your food photos picture-perfect!

Jenni Epperson

Here are some of the tips I have noted during her talk:

LIGHT. Light is very important in taking pictures and if you want your food photos look yummy, you definitely do not want in dark or yellowish color.

WHITE BALANCE. Related to light, you must have even just a little idea on how to tweak your camera settings that will complement with your food.

WHITE PLATE. Nothing makes your food more adorable than having  it on a white plate which centers the food instead of your plate.

DISTRACTIONS. You wouldn't wanna see some distractions on your food photos, so might as well take some time to clean off some smudges made by soy sauce or ketchup.

DIGITAL. The good thing about digital is that we can try and try to take photos of things at different angles of your liking. Of course, this is given that you have backup memory cards at hand.

ZOOM IN. Food looks delicious, at some angles, when zoomed it. So why not try it out.

PREPARATION. One of the things that worked in her blog was the step by step photos of the preparation of cooking the food.

NOT PHOTOGENIC. If the food is not photogenic at all, like a dark meat with brown gravy, then just eat it.

BLUR. The blur effect of food photos is also a plus. You can tweak some macro settings in your camera to achieve it!

FOOD STYLING. Sometimes, a little styling on the food, like garnishes and sauce,won't hurt you.

Jenni Epperson

After the talk, when asked by the audience what is her secret of becoming a successful blogger she answered that your blog should be something people can relate. That if you are another person, would you follow you?


The "Food and Wine Pairing" event of Jenni Epperson's talk 
was held at SM City Marikina last February.
Find more about Jenni E on her website 

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