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Tuguegarao | Flight of Circadian Bats at Pinacauanan River

Robbie getting a video of the flight of Circadian Bats 

Who would have thought that aside from Pinacauanan River’s beauty, it still has more fascination to offer?

The term "circadian" comes from the Latin. Circa means "around" and dies means "day", put together is means "approximately a day." It is a rhythm that can be further broken down into routine cycles during the 24-hour day. One of the cycles is nocturnal which maybe the reason why they were called "Circadian Bats."

The other boat who are also waiting for flight of Circadian Bats

Flight of Circadian Bats. Amazing!

Sometime during the two twilight of the day, the flight of thousands, or maybe it was even millions, of bats happen within the river. One of the rock formations has a hole, which I believe is a cave, where they sleep during daytime. And when the two twilight strike, around 5:30 am and pm, you’d see the snakelike dots of bats over the sky that lasts for a minute or two. And of course, who would forget the smell. ;)

While waiting for the bats ;)

The ever beautiful Pinacauanan River 

I was captivated enough with the river itself, and more amazed when the flight of Circadian bats happened. At first, it was just last for a few seconds, having seen numerous bats with some other caves before. But I was totally wrong and, again, I am more mesmerized of the place and what is in it.

Some locals crossing the Pinacauanan River 

More about my trip in Tuguegarao here.

Elal of The Shades of Grey Travel and Photography
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Wends of Journeys and Travels said...

This is new to me Elal, beautiful as they looked, pero takot pa rin ako sa bats hehe ;)

Great snapshots you got here too :)

Elal Lasola said...

Ako nga din Doc Wends. Pero masaya sila kasi d naman malapit yan. Elevated yung kweba nila so keri na. Hehe

Thanks po!

Sheena Peña said...

holey crap that's a lot of bats! did they smell?

Elal Lasola said...

There close to a million, maybe. And they really smell. Hahaha

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