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From the kitchen of MELs Cafe, Dumaguete

One of the many things I miss about Dumaguete is dining with friends to places which usually are a tricycle's ride away. One of the places that we often go to to chill, chat, eat, study or relax is MELs Cafe. The place is very accessible for it is near downtown and Rizal Boulevard. It opened sometime before we graduated in college last 2010 and has gained popularity since then.

When you go inside MELs, you'll definitely love the feel coz it is as cozy as home. Their relaxing place also entails playing with different puzzles, having artsy decors and writings of experiences from previous customers while waiting for your order.

The best thing about MELs is that their delicious dishes like pasta, salads, sandwiches, rice meals, among others are guilt free for they have their certified nutritionist who can check on food nutrients and benefits of what they are serving. Not to mention that these meals are very affordable since their price ranges from Php 30 - 100 only.


From the kitchen of MELs Cafe's exact address is at 2nd floor, UTH Bldg, Sta. Catalina St., Near Matiao Gasul, 6200 Dumaguete City. You can also contact them through their facebook page.

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Eileen Campos/ Possibly Pinay said...

Okay sa pacute - tinidor with a sandwich! :D heehee!

Ang cute naman, super bitin ako sa trip ko sa Dumaguete so im hunting for places i could eat next. this looks nice! I only ate at 2 places - sans rival and then some cheap expat bar sa blvd.

Esca.Be.Che said...

Food and an artsy environment... my kind of place :D

Elal Lasola said...

@Eileen: Pacute to the bones :D Hahaha I think James is making an article of a list of places you can go and eat around dgte :D

@EscaBeChe: Mine too :D

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