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Tappiya Falls, Batad, Ifugao


Tappiya Falls

After the trek to Batad Rice Terraces' peak, we immediately went down to where the falls is. There are several stops where one can actually buy some food and refreshments after the long walk but be warned on how pricey they are! Well, we had no choice so we bought some refreshments anyway.

Going to Tappiya Falls

The trek to the falls was a piece of cake. Why? It was going down hill. The only scary part aside from walking on the cliff-side is that there is a certain area of the place that we actually need to trek non-stop for it is a landslide prone area. While walking, I heard some soil falling! I was ready to run but good thing it was on the other side of the mountain not on the trail we were walking! Breathe out. The trek from the village via the peak took us around 1.5 to 2 hours.

(L) Going to Tappiya Falls
(R) Landslide on the other side while we were trekking
After several minutes, we were greeted by this enormous body of water strongly gushing from the top. Oh yeah, my fave part just came. Nope, I am not talking about having a dip. I've learned that lesson in Sagada when I visited the Bomod-ok Falls and my brain/body was stunned from the freezing water. I am talking about my obsession to taking photo of falls. Haha 

Tappiya Falls

But before I get there, we were warned by Darren, our tour coordinator, about the right side of the falls. It has a history of people drowning on that side due to the under current that it has. Rumor has it that this side of the falls is actually where one can see the end of the rainbow. Not sure if it is true but I focused on capturing the beauty of Tappiya. I wasn't also able to bring my tripod because when I was in Sagada, I did not bring it to the trek which is probably what I would do in Batad. So, instead of a tripod I looked for a spot of steady rock where I can place my camera bag and put my camera steadily on top. Well, it wasn't a piece of cake! Because when I pressed the shutter my bag also moved, thus, giving me a blurry image. But after several attempts, I settled with what I have and happily went back to the group I am with with some high fashion shots. Chos

Tappiya Falls

After they enjoyed the freezing water, we bid farewell from the falls and started our trek back to the village. I tell you, IT WAS NO FUN AT ALL! The piece of cake of going downhill has its exact opposite of difficulty. Every step I make on the stairs was an effort I'd never forget. The thirst for water and air plus the heat of the sun was draining. But we survived. So yeah, I am so thankful when we were able to go back to where we were staying. Still, the beautiful souvenirs I got from Tappiya was what made my heart happy.

"High fashion" shot kuno with Neil, Jess, Joy, Edge, Ron, Chino and Darren

How to go to Tappiya, Ifugao?

From Batad, you need to trek for about 1.5 to 2 hours to the falls. You can hire a local guide to get there. But beware to bring water, sunscreen and prepare for several hours of walking uphill and downhill.

Tappiya Falls

Keep posted for more about my trip in Ifugao.


This trip was made possible by Trail Adventours, to know more about their different mountain adventures visit their website: or facebook page: Trail Adventours.


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Unknown said...

Girl ganda ng shots! Anong settings nito? :-)

Dash Dacian said...

ganda naman jan, mukhang mahirap puntahan pero parang sulit once na makita ang falls

Juan Carlo Dela Cruz said...

first picture says it all makes me wanna go back to batad. Awesome post :)

Ryan Mach said...

Nakaka-engganyo mga pictures mo. Gusto ko na tuloy pumuntang Batad. :-)

Elal Lasola said...

@Paula: Thanks girlash! Meron ka din atang lower than 200 iso eh. Naka D5100 ka dba? Use that. :)

Elal Lasola said...

@Dash: Agree. Pang minsan minsan lang kaya tiis ganda sa trek. Hehe

Elal Lasola said...

@JC Dela Cruz: Ganda talaga ng Batad!

Elal Lasola said...

@Ryan: Yay. Thanks. But it really is beautiful, dream ko lang noon mag Batad. Ngayon dami ko ng rice terraces pics. Hehe

adventurousfeet said...

ganda girl! achieve na achieve!

Elal Lasola said...

thank you sa support girl! weee :D

Kajtek said...

Very nice photos. I was there as well during the time when a female tourist was attacked by a local resident on her hike to the falls. Very sad.

Elal Lasola said...

Think I have heard of that incident. So sad to hear. I hope that doesn't happen again.

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