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Food for Thought: Brain Games

Always in the search to do something worthwhile and productive wherever I am. In this technological age where everything is just seemingly at the tips of our fingers and screens, it is a prime time to find these brain games that not only gives fun and enjoyment, but also sharpens our skills and reasoning. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it also is related to culinary, food, or cooking!

I’ve been looking into the different apps and games culinary schools has to offer and a found a few that really pops out of the list because maybe they were faves when I was younger like word games, tetris, math games, or puzzles.

I both love word play and math because it seemingly uses the artistic and logical side of our brains which I find relaxing.

Aside from these brain games, they also offer a whole different stuff to try such as food education games, the popular serving eater games, fun food-themed games.

On a whole different genre, they also offer tools that are useful for overall wellbeing in terms of work out, weight loss, body fat calculator, work out, among others.

It is a good discovery and one that is worth trying. In the age of fast paced technology continuously evolving, it is a delight to see these kinds of tools and innovations available in just a click or tap of our hands. Such resource that aren’t available or lacked then when we are younger, we can maximize now and help the next generation to create a better understanding of different aspects we are inclined to do.

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