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Mathematics and Education evolving through Games

I have always been a fan of games especially in elementary and high school. Back then, everything was different. The technological advancement we have today is just an out of this world imagination one could never comprehend. We started mathematical and educational games through manual and face to face kind like books or work sheets or board games and the like.

Today, it has expanded so much more. We have websites and apps that caters almost everything one could ever think of and more. Even during pandemic, we have created several group chats and made use of the online platforms available to be able to interact with friends through games even though we can only play it virtually.

One of my favorites is the rubiks cube which really has been quite a hobby for a while especially when I wanted to take a break from school or work before. And now, you can find one in just a few tap from your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.

Another that I do miss is doing card games with friends like uno. In this platform, you have the option to do is solo through a computer bot or with friends.

During pandemic again, I wasn’t really into chess growing up. I only tried Damath, locally known as Dama which is a traditional Philippine game taught in schools in Mathematics classes. While watching The Queen’s Gambit, it made me want to learn and try doing so through online platform.

These are just one of the few examples you can find at It has created a massive array of choices from different kinds of games, traditional and new ones, that can give you the challenge that you are looking for.

It is not just games that remind us of childhood or yesteryears for me, it can be something that we can do so while taking a break from work or the day to day life routine that keeps us stimulated and sharp. Of course, these are best shared with the younger ones to start them thinking at an early age.

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