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Quebec City: FlightHub’s Photography Checklist

While many buildings and bridges are famously photographed like the Empire State Building, The Golden Gate Bridge, and others, the most photographed hotelis not in New York or San Francisco. 

In fact, the most photographed hotel is not even in the United States, it’s in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. While this famous landmark will be covered shortly, Quebec City, one of North America’s oldest cities, is loaded with great places to snap great photos. I spoke with FlightHub, an online travel agency based out of nearby Montreal, to get their highest recommended photo ops in Quebec City.

Chateau Frontenac

As I mentioned, the top photographed hotel in the world is in Quebec City, and it is the legendary Chateau Frontenac. Originally constructed in 1893, this National Historic Site Of Canada has operated as a functional hotel looking over the Saint Lawrence River for over 100 years. The hotel itself was commissioned by Canadian Pacific Railway, who at the time were in the business of building luxury hotels across Canada to boost tourism. The building is best photographed as part of Quebec City’s famous skyline, though this building looks glamorous from any angle according to FlightHub.

Old Quebec

An easy second on FlightHub’s review, Old Quebec is loaded with rich history, beautiful architecture, great food, and unique performers. Broken into two districts, Upper Town and Lower Town, Old Quebec dates back to 1608. One thing you definitely want to check out is the funicular. By riding it between Upper Town and Lower Town you will get many great vantage points for excellent photos of the area in general. As for specific spots, its best you just bring your camera along and see what unique treasures this lively district delivers.

Plains Of Abraham

The site of the Battle For Canada, The Plains Of Abraham are a great place to snap photos of the battlefield or the adjacent Saint Lawrence River according to FlightHub. Earning its historical keep in 1759 as the site of a great battle between the French and British, this site and the accompanying battle set in motion the laying of the cornerstone of what would become Canada. Today, the Plains of Abraham are littered with trails, lookouts, and monuments commemorating the history of the plains as part of the larger Battlefields Park in Quebec City. One of the most prominent monuments is one dedicated to British General James Wolfe, who died on the battlefield, but led his contingency to an ultimate victory.

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