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Manila | Hotel H2O
Aqua Room

We all have different kinds of dreams at certain stages of our lives. And one of my childhood dreams was to have a room that would seemingly make me believe that I live underwater and leave me in awe when waking up or sleeping. Well, that kind of came true this year!

Our room for the weekend at night

Zoomed dancing jellyfishes inside the Jellyfish Room

My friends and I visited Hotel H2O last October and it was an exciting one. I’ve never looked forward into having a staycation as much as I have with H2O. I mean come on, who wouldn’t wish to live like you are underwater even if it is just for a few days? My group of friends sure was giddy about it. And yeah, I’ve got to admit I’ve really wished to either be a princess or a mermaid when I was a child. So there. LOL

Jellyfish Room 

Choice between the bath tub or the bed room in one of the Aqua Rooms

It is also exciting to note that the hotel was inspired by our country, an archipelago of islands and water, where it incorporated the idea of water being it as a predominant element in the Philippines. I quite believe we offer the best of different water forms– deep-blue ocean, scenic coastal areas, rich marine life, splendid rivers, majestical lakes, vast tropical rainforests. And these ideas are evident in their room facilities in different approaches. That’s just quite amazing!

Lounge at Hotel H2O

Chilling at our room with Manila Bay's unobstructed view

Ours was a room overlooking the view of Manila Bay. called the Bay View Room I mean our room was just literally above the sea. It's a breathtaking and perfect set-up where it makes you believe you are in a far far away place with only you in the room and the sea especially wonderful during sunrise and sunset. What my friends experienced was equally exciting -- the Aqua Room, where there are large aquariums in the room; Jellyfish Room, where glowing-neon-lit jellyfishes are on the walls; and the Park View Room, overlooking the Manila Ocean Park fountain and view. It was a relaxing experience to view the fishes or jellyfishes inside the room while they are swimming and seemingly dancing in the waters.

Other rooms available are the Park View Supreme, Aqua Classic, Aqua Supreme, Club Bay, Club Aqua, Deluxe Suite, Premiere Suite, and Executive Suite.

Bay View Room

Yeah, the fishes around are relaxing to me.

We also experienced their Zenyu Eco Spa. So far, it was one of the most unforgettable massages I have ever tried. Let me enumerate the reasons why: 1) it has a fish spa inside their lockers, that alone is very inviting (and ticklish); 2) they were the first to introduce the hotbed therapy, it is a negative ion-infused hot bed which promotes complete healing especially popularized in Japan and have been gaining popularity from those who have experienced its therapeutic effects; and 3) they got the best massage techniques especially shown by the masseur assigned to me.

Neon-lit jellyfishes

Happy me because rest day!

Our dinner and breakfast were both served at Makan Makan Asian Food Village. It was one flavorful and delightful dining experience I've had. See here for more about their restaurant.

Amazing jellyfishes

Clean, neat, and elegant shower/comfort rooms

Park View Room

Last, but not the least it the idea that Hotel H2O is, in fact, inside Manila Ocean Park. So, the last thing we tried are the attractions, encounters, and shows found here.

Good morning sunshine form Hotel H2O

Aquarium beside the bathtub is definitely a delight

It was one invigorating and relaxing weekend that I surely will recommend for you guys to try and enjoy. More than the awesome facilities and rooms, it was well-spent because I did share it with my friends who I already regard as my second family here in Manila. Capped off the weekend with the iconic yet lovely sunset of Manila Bay.

Need to work? Rest and think while watching them dancing.

Sunset in Manila Bay

Hotel H2O is exactly located inside Manila Ocean Park, Roxas Boulevard, Behind The Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila, Metro Manila. For more information visit their website,, and like their facebook page for further updates.

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Elal is a traveler, student of life and photography enthusiast who wants to experience and capture what is raved and not raved about. For more about her travels, subscribe here, email at, or visit her portfolio.


Matthew said...

Hi there Elal,

Thanks for this post. I have been to Manila many times but have had no idea of this hotel. Will definitely try it out next time.

Happy travels


Viet Nam said...

Wow, the hotel is really nice. Thank for sharing! Next time I will be there

Elal Lasola said...

@Matthew: Thanks for the kind words. I recommend the ocean view if you happen to visit the place.

Elal Lasola said...

@Viet Nam: Thanks :)

pinoypop said...

Wow. Karon pako naka visit sa imong site. Excellent posts! I'm making your site as reference for my future travels!

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