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5 Reasons Travelling Will Teach You More Than School Ever Has

School is a very important part of life that prepares you for the world, but there are some things that simply cannot be taught in the classroom. Travelling is so much more than just hopping from one destination to another; it can teach you how to deal with a range of circumstances, proving that in a lot of instances, experience can be more valuable as a teacher. 
Here are 5 reasons how travelling completes you as a person.

1. Making you a more caring person

Experiencing a different culture teaches you to empathize, understand, explore and respect. Immersing yourself in someone else's world will open your eyes and introduce you to new, beautiful ways of thinking and doing things. As we grow up we become so wrapped-up in our own way of doing things, that we don't always understand or respect how other people live day to day. Travelling removes any boundaries and preconceptions that your mind may have, which allows you to soak up and enjoy the culture and traditions that surround you.

2. Appreciating what you already have

It is easy to become so focused on our own daily issues that we lose sight of how lucky we really are. Witnessing a young child having to walk miles every day just to retrieve dirty water can really put things into perspective and will make you appreciate what you already have.

3. Allowing you to change the world

As mentioned, travelling can really show us how lucky we are in our own lives, which in turn can drive us towards wanting to make a difference in the lesser fortunate parts of the world. Many charity workers out there helping people on a daily basis started off as curious travelers wanting to see the world. Now, they have improved the quality of so many lives one good deed at a time.

4. Realizing that the world is your oyster

Travelling can show you that you are capable of so much more than conforming to mediocrity. A short stop somewhere can lead you to develop new skills or learn a new language. When you strike your favorite place in the world and mingle with the locals, you will immerse yourself in their culture and find yourself a changed person. Many Western people fall in love with the Philippines and some make their home there. Once settled down, you will find all sorts of options opening up for you and you may decide to buy a piece of real estate in the Philippines.

5. Preparing you for different situations

Being thrown into an unfamiliar world is exciting and fun, but can also be daunting. Travelling the world is a great way to test your survival skills, like managing your own budget, feeding yourself, booking accommodations and generally doing things alone. It's a fast pass to growing up.

Travelling sounds like one big holiday, but once you touch down in your starting destination, you will soon realize that it is so much more. Travelling will change your life forever. It will expand your mind and prospects alike, creating an adventurous addiction for more.

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