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Subic | JEST Camp Hunger Games

Fire-making training

Our group tried the JEST Camp Hunger Games on our second day, first day was the Wings of the World: The Half-a-Thousand-Birds Show, and it was one of the highlights of our weekend trip I could not forget. 

The game is somewhat patterned to the popular book and movie trilogy, Hunger Games, where there are district representatives competing one another minus the brutality of killing, of course.

Do you have what it takes to become the victor of The JEST Camp Hunger Games?

The tributes of The 5th JEST Camp Hunger Games
Atty of, Carla of, Mark of, yours truly, Darwin of, Doi of, Jinky and Ruel Umali 
Photo by Christian of

Trying to make my skin camouflage for the games!

The first part is the survival training part such as fire-making, hut building, archery, trap-making, and the like. Each of the tributes (or game players) has a graded challenge in every training mentioned. The latter is the ultimate game of the tributes until one Victor (winner) emerges. The game setting was in one of the forests in Subic with nothing but your courage and agility to beat the other tributes. It was one of the exhilarating activities I've joined. And the shy or silent type of friends of yours may unleash the beast inside them once the game has started. Haha This is the perfect activity for team building, barkada outing, and the like. 

Demo by our trainor to make some baits or traps to catch food in the jungle

"Deadly" water-gun weapons

And water balloons, too

Furthermore, after the JEST Camp Hunger Games, we actually wanted to go back sometime in June and try their Hunter-gatherer survival, one of the survival scenario you can choose at JEST Camp, since some of us hike or trek, such training or activity is very much helpful. 

Katniss and Peta. Haha Archers for a minute or two during the archery training!

Let the Hunger Games begin!

Fire-making demo by our trainor

JEST Camp is located at JEST Area, Upper Mau, Cubi-Triboa, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. For bookings and team building packages, visit, email them at, or contact (047)2521489/ 09177964668/ 09985747974/ 09228832761.

The winners of 5th JEST Camp Hunger Games -- Atty, Carla and Ruel

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All photos by Christian of

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