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Turning Strangers into Friends (Boracay)

I occasionally go to bars and clubs but when I do, I usually do it with friends around. However, my Boracay trip last November was an exception. You see, my supposed-to-be companion was not able to meet me at the island due to Typhoon Quennie and I wanted to try the places in the island. 

Much to my delight, there is such thing called as “PubCrawl Boracay” which has a goal of “turning strangers into friends.”  So I tried it out even when I was going there solo! Thanks to my couch surfing host, Aliyah of Love Life Laugh Travel and Tours, who insistently told me to go even when the weather is not cooperating – intermittent drizzle or rain all day long due to another typhoon. Ha! But there was no stopping us!

PubCrawl is actually one awesome council which does not only happen in Boracay but to other parts in the Philippines such as Manila and Cebu. The idea is to go bar-hopping at the best bars and clubs on the island, which in this case is on Boracay Island, and experience the ultimate night life while meeting new friends.

So, there I was, already late (the PubCrawl crowd was already on the second out of five bars) and not expecting anything. But it took me by surprise because I really did meet a whole lot of people and not just some random-and-will-forget-about-them ones. Two of which, I chatted sporadically on the duration of the event, just passed the bar exam in Switzerland so after years of studying and reviewing, they had their celebratory trip in Boracay. And a whole bunch of different people from different countries.  Others were like me from Metro Manila – Quezon City, Paranaque, etc. And we even connected on Facebook. LOL  Drank some cocktails, played games, chatted various people, laughed at several inside jokes we made and danced all night long! They’re dubbed to be: “The best party experience in Boracay with people from all over the world!” And from my very own experience, I think I would definitely agree. :)

Register at their place located at Station 4 Beach Bar, Station 2. And party with them every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday which starts at 8pm until the wee hours. For more inquiries, visit

*All photos were taken from PubCrawl Boracay's official facebook page

Elal of The Shades of Grey Travel and Photography
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Unknown said...

This is interesting Elal, especially for singles on the loose. Maybe for couple to meet new friends while enjoying the night life in Boracay.

Elal Lasola said...

I agree. My friend cancelled the last minute, so this kinda helped when I was there expecting to be with company but did not have one. Hehe

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