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Photograph | Summer Siren Hangover

This post is solely due to the hangover from the Summer Siren Festival last weekend at the Crystal Beach Resort, San NarcisoZambales. Don't get me wrong I am not certainly someone who will enjoy stuff like this, party all through the night especially with the wrong group of people and crowd. But, damn, that weekend was definitely an exception!

Went with RJ and Chino and danced mostly through Zedd's songs. We swayed our bodies like a pro, as if we know how a pro does it. We didn't care of anyone or anything and only focused on the music and the stories we share over a couple of giggles from our jokes we throw here and there. It was a blast and wish that next time we'll still be there standing and shouting, from the top of our lungs, the lyrics that we so meant to sing. It was not just a party but a bond we made though the night that we will never ever forget. Cheers to more summer nights with great company!

Elal of The Shades of Grey Travel and Photography
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