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Antique | Story behind Anini-y's name

The unique sounding name of the town from Antique, Anini-y, led me to repeat its name in my tongue 'til its sense no longer mean anything to me and with that I wondered how the name came to be. 

Later on I discovered that its name, Anini-y, comes from the word 'anini' which means small rivers. According to the town's romantic local legend, there was once a beautiful young woman named Anini who has numerous wooers and one of them was her favorite named, Nogas.  Her father wanted to challenge Nogas and that if he wanted to marry is daughter, he must be able to build an island in front of their home.

Nogas, besetted by what Anini's father has told, went to contemplate and pray at the beach. By some beautiful miracle, he was overheard by a sea spirit who promised to help him. In exchange, he must give his word that she would be invited to his wedding.

The next day, the island appeared and consequently, Anini's father ordered the preparations for the wedding. Unfortunately, Nogas forgot his promise. And on their way back from the newly created island, where their wedding took place,  the boat that Nogas and Anini rode was swallowed by the waves and their bodies were never found.

Hence, the little island off the coast is called Nogas Island and the town itself came to be --- Anini-y.

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Unknown said...

Your pictures are breath-taking <3

Elal Lasola said...

thanks pamela :)


Anini-y, the town proper, was just a barrio of Dao (now Tobias Fornier) during the Spanish times with a parish of its own due to its distance from Dao. It only became a separate town to include the nearby barrios in late 1950s/

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