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La Union | Kahuna Restaurant

On our second day during the bloggers’ weekend/foodtrip at La Union, we woke up early and I look forward to my first yoga session. Yes, yoga! Haha Who would have thought that one can possibly do so without a mat made especially for such activity. But, Joanna (fellow blogger) and I made it with so much difficulty that we do not advise it. We envy the others who brought one with them. The rest of the morning was spent relaxing at the Circle Hostel until lunch was served at the Kahuna Restaurant. It is just a walking distance from the hostel and the Urbiztondo Grill (place we had lunch the day before).

Upon entering the resort’s are, we were greeted with greeneries around the driveway up until reaching the lobby near the restaurant area. The Kahuna Restaurant’s view is overlooking the beach of San Juan where people are either playing at the beach, swimming, or during high tide, surfing. It was a lovely sight to dine.

Our group was served with platter of Filipino Cuisines like pork barbecue, grilled and stuffed fish, grilled squid and grilled pork. The side dish of mango and a dip with ‘bagoong’ - a fermented paste made from very small shrimp or krill- is also present which added flavor to our lunch aside from the chitchat.

Later, we toured around the resort to just see what it has to offer and their cute infinity pool overlooking the beach was nice. I saw a pool inside one of the villas too which I think is the most expensive there is available.


Kahuna Bar and Restaurant is located at Baranggay Urbiztondo, San Juan, La UnionContact them through these numbers: (+6372) 607 1040 or 09178300363, or email at / For more details visit their website

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Courtney Mroch said...

I should not read posts like this so close to lunch on an empty stomach. Your photos of the food are FANTASTIC!!! I can almost smell and taste them!

Elal Lasola said...

Haha Same here, I was kinda hungry after writing this post! Yay. Thanks for dropping by :D

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