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Negros Oriental | Christmas in Sibulan

Negros Oriental | Christmas at Sibulan
Sibulan Plaza

I officially lived in Dumaguete (at my lola's house) for 14 years and then we transferred (to our own) in Sibulan. So finally, I visited the plaza in the municipality where I live so that I would not be bias (because I previously uploaded those from Dumaguete's Freedom Park). Haha Tell me about these oc problems. We took some selfie with my little sister as our own way of bonding and appreciated how different the plaza looked compared to the previous Christmas season. And ate some tocino before going home, even when dinner is actually waiting few hours before New Year's Eve. Haha Oh, the simple joys and life back home that I will surely miss. :)

Negros Oriental | Christmas at Sibulan
Sibulan Plaza in front of the Parish Church

Some skate boarders chilling around the plaza

With my sister. We had numerous "belens" as our background.

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Elal Lasola said...

Hahaha Then marami kang magiging kaibigan kung mapadpad ka dito :D

Unknown said...

amazing photos!!!

Elal Lasola said...

Thanks Diana! :D

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