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What to Pack for Your Snow Holiday

The most difficult part of taking a holiday is packing and unpacking again at the end of your vacation. Many of us struggle to decide what to take, only to find that we have packed things we didn’t need and left much needed items at home. Packing for a snow holiday is even more complex. Unless you are a seasoned snow bunny it is really tricky to know what we will need on the chilly slopes. Seek advice from travel experts like Travel Associates who have many years’ experience and will be able to offer you invaluable tips on what you need to pack to get maximum enjoyment from your snow holiday.

Here are a few tips to help get you started.


One of the most essential items you need to pack is a warm pair of gloves. Nylon gloves are by far the best choice. Chose gloves that are lightweight and make sure they are waterproof. Check that they have adequate insulation to keep your hands warm.


The sun can be blinding on the snowy slopes, so you will need to procure a good set of UV filtering goggles. Go for double lensed goggles as they are more resistant to fogging.


Good boots should keep your feet warm so you do not need thick socks to do the job. On the contrary you should choose thin socks without prominent seams. It is important to choose socks that are long enough to extend well beyond the top of your boots to avoid chafing around your ankles. You can buy socks specifically for skiing and the comfort they will afford you on the slopes will make them well worth the extra expense.


You can hire helmets but if you want to ensure you get the right fit consider buying one of your own. A helmet will keep you safe from head injuries and also help to retain your body heat. 60 per cent of body heat escapes through the head.


You will need a warm hat or beanie, either woollen or synthetic, to wear when you are having down time. Make sure it will cover your ears.


Warm scarves are a must to keep you warm and also to cover your face against the chill when riding the chair lift.

Thermal Underwear

A good set of thermals will be your best asset for a snow holiday. You will need long-johns and some long sleeved tops. The closer fitting these are the better.


You will need a layer of clothing to wear over your thermals. A fleecy top that is light weight is perfect. A zippered top is best as it will help you control the temperature. Zip up when cold, and down when you are feeling warm. Collars that can be closed around the neck are also good.

Your top layer is what defends you against the elements. A pair of ski pants and a ski jacket will serve you best. The important considerations are wind proof, water proof and fabric that will breathe.

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