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The World’s Best Shopping Streets

If you want to have a world class shopping experience then you should explore the best shopping streets in the world, from London to New York
Bond Street, London
When it comes to London, people often consider Oxford Street to be the main shopping street to head to and this definitely is the case if you want to see some of the biggest flagship stores for your favourite high street brands such as Topshop. However, if you want boutiques, designer labels and one off pieces you won’t find elsewhere then Bond Street is where you should head. This is split into Old Bond Street and New Bond Street which may confuse some but generally they are still referred to collectively as Bond Street. As one of the world’s most expensive pieces of real estate it should come as no surprise that you will find some of the most exclusive premium brands such as Chanel, Alexander Mcqueen and Donna Karen New York as well as boutiques stocking an array of brands such as Boudi London.

Rodeo Drive, California 
Rodeo Drive is something of a modern pop culture icon featuring and being the filming location for several films and television shows, Pretty Woman for example is potentially one of the most recognisable. For this reason, and of course the huge choice of designer boutiques and designer labels Rodeo Drive should be considered a must visit if you are in Beverly Hills, California. You never know, you may spot a star! 
Avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris
Avenue des Champs Elysées is Paris’s most well known shopping streets and one of the biggest! The avenue is generally considered to be chic thanks to the presence of fashion houses such as Louis Vitton but other shops and brands along the avenue offer a more diverse choice of labels and fashion. Beyond fashion you will also find toys from Disney, lots of international and authentic French restaurants and cinemas. 
Fifth Avenue, New York 
Of course, no list of the best shopping streets in the world would ever be complete without a mention of Fifth Avenue. This was formerly exclusive brands and designer department stores however over recent times Fifth Avenue has opened up to the likes of Abercrombie and Fitch, Disney and H&M with some impressive stores! There is something for everyone with boutiques stocking huge choices of designer brands such as Robins Jeans.

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