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La Union | Urbiztondo Grill House

La Union | Urbiztondo Grill House | Cordon Bleu
Cordon Bleu

After the long drive from Manila and registration at The Circle Hostel La Union, we immediately went to Urbiztondo Grill House for our lunch. Our first stop of our La Union food trip.

It was a few steps from the hostel and we arrived at the grill house with tables already prepared for us. They grill house is humbly sitting beside the National Highway which seems to have existed for quite some time. Enough to gain popularity for their good tasting "lutong bahay" food at an affordable price and good for sharing serving.

La Union | Urbiztondo Grill House | Igodon

La Union | Urbiztondo Grill House | Grilled Pusit with Filling
Grilled Pusit with Filling

Few minutes after we have settled down, they started serving our long table. They served us their bestsellers which were as follows: Grilled Pusit with Filling (Php 240), Igado (Php 110), Chicken Cordon Bleu (Php 150), Kare-kare (Php 240), Sinigang (Php 190), Pinakbet (Php 85) and rice (Php 15). My favorite was their Cordon Bleu and I guess it was my fellow bloggers' fave too since they were all wiped out. Haha Igado was not my usual choice but I also liked their sweet version, Pusit will is another fave of mine, Kare-Kare was very tasty and my meal was completed with Sinigang's sabaw and healthy vegies from the Pinakbet.

La Union | Urbiztondo Grill House | Pinakbet

La Union | Urbiztondo Grill House | Sinigang

I thought we were done but the vained were complemented with our dessert, buko fruit salad. We did not manage to finish all the food, imagine how full we all were!

We chitchat with my fellow bloggers during the meal. And after dining, I learned that the owners speak in Cebuano too. In fact, all of their staff addresses each other in their local tongues. The owner relocated in Luzon and stayed at La Union for their business. For someone who comes from a certain province, I am always excited whenever I meet someone from back home or just understands Cebuano. :)

La Union | Urbiztondo Grill House | Kare-kare

The place is located at the National Highway, San Juan, La Union. Dine in orders come with your own choices or set group meals. They also accept functions up to 100 person, bulk and advanced orders. For reservation contact them at 242-2579/242-2580/09056038023 or email them at

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