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Lightroom: Remove Photobombers From Your Picture
Sorry guys, I needed the moment. HAHA

I think sometime during your travels you have that one or two photos that you wish you have your own solo photo because going back isn't an easy option to capture that picture-perfect moment. Well, I have loads of those and since, I still don't know how to use Photoshop - though, ironically, I have a half semester course about it in college - I decided to learn how to erase smudges and, in this photo, people to have your own solo shot! 

Well, I admit, Lightroom isn't Photoshop and there are loads of things that Lightroom cannot do but, atleast, it served me well when I needed it with my Pico de Loro snapshots.

I used the HEAL and CLONE mode in Lightroom but I know there's an easier way aside from those two tools in Photoshop. So here it is after zooming it and creating so many stamps, I have my final photo from our Pico de Loro climb:

Pico de Loro Edited Solo Shot

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