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Bringing the Cost of Holidaying Down


Nobody likes to fritter their hard-earned money away, so if there's a chance to save a few pounds on a holiday - especially for those who are feeling the pinch - it's got to be a worthwhile exercise. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to help bring the cost of holidaying down without compromising on your long-awaited escape to the sun.

Many holidaymakers now turn to DIY holidays as a way of keeping the costs down. This can be a great money-saver, providing you book each component well ahead of time and ensure you're on the ball with the local transport options. One of the biggest mistakes DIY-ers make is grabbing a great low-cost flight and a hotel deal, only to be stung by hiked taxi prices from the airport. Do your homework, check out the local trains and buses, and if you must take a taxi, ensure it's a reputable and recommended firm. Check with the airport information desk if you're not sure.

For package holidays, such as those provided by Thomas Cook, you'll find all sorts of deals and discounts throughout the year. Booking a late departure can be a great way of grabbing a cut-price getaway, particularly those advertised within the last few weeks prior to departure. You'll need to be flexible with your holiday criteria and be prepared to compromise to get the best deal, and availability can be tight. But if you're flexible enough, it can be a super way to make your money go further.

With package holidays, you'll find a growing number of cheap all inclusive holidays too. With all inclusive, all of your meals, snacks and drinks are usually included with the price of your hotel booking, which can present fantastic savings on the cost of eating out abroad. And if you can grab a cheap upgrade or an all inclusive deal, you'll really be onto a winner.

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