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Subic | Zoobic Safari


Puma Lion

Zoobic Safari is one attraction found in Subic Bay Freeport's Forest Adventure, it offers a unique ride in a Zooper Train  through a vast expanse of Savannah amidst the Ilanin Forest in Subic

One of the monkeys on the road side going to the Zoobic Safari

Bird - Zoobic Safari

On our way from Subic Homes to Zoobic Safari, we had a little stopover somewhere in the highway for there were a number of monkeys on the road side. 

White Cockatoo Parrot Bird

Baby Tiger


Our Zoobic Safari adventure officially started after registration where we were welcomed by a souvenir shop of mostly stuffed toy version of tigers and several tigers on different cages. The most catchy tiger that you'll immediately notice is the white tiger. In fact, they are the only white tiger that you can see in the Philippines. Aside from those, there was this baby tiger that we can actually take a picture with called a Zoombic Foto. I was quite afraid at first, but it was so deceivingly cute when it started drinking the milk. Haha

Birds - Zoobic Safari

White Lion
Female Lion

Rob with these cute little birds

Our next stop was the Zoobic Park which is a walk through petting zoo where one can see or touch exotic and farm animals. Some of the animals I saw during the walk through was different species of birds, peacock, monkeys, apes, deers, wild pigs, jaguar, lion, camel, goats and donkeys.




The hissing world of Serpentarium was next and it gave me goosebumps having close encounter with the snakes especially the huge ones and including lizards, iguanas and turtles.



We also went inside the Forbidden Cave where most of the nocturnal species are seen. 

The Zooper Train

Little turtles

One of the highlight was the Tiger Safari, this is where you can see the tigers roaming in their natural habitat while riding a Safari Jeep. It is also known as "The Only Tiger Safari in the Philippines." And with the help of a highly trained driver, the ride lets you meet wild animals up close. We actually bought Some Php 250 worth of chicken so that the tigers are able to come up close to our ride and eat the raw meat.

Feeding the Tigers while inside the Safari Jeep


Riding the Safari Jeepney also lets you see the Savannah, a sanctuary of exotic and farm animals freely roaming around a certain vicinity.


Next was another tiger experience called the Close Encounter where one can see the Siberian and Bengal tigers from just 2 feet away! We were warned to be cautious when the tiger starts to pee. It means they are declaring that it is their territory and you need to get-away quick! Aside from the tiger, there was one ferocious lion in this walk through that was very hard to shot from the camera.

Close encounter with the tigers

Close encounter with the lion

The King of the Jungle

We also dropped by the Bone and Skin MuZooeum or Animal MuZooeum where one can find the remains of different animals including the display of these huge ostrich eggs.


Huge ostrich eggs!

Bones and remains

The Aeta's Trail includes a glimpse of the music and dance of the Aetas, the original habitats in Zambales. There was this special dance number from this little kid they call "Aljur." It was fun seeing him dance with some modern songs.

Aeta's dance

Little aeta named Aljur

Last but not the least was this Croco Loco where you can see maybe a hundred of crocodiles swarmed in different areas.You gotta wish that the steel pathway was strong enough to hold all of you or else...

Crocs resting

Crocs swarming

Crocs with their usual pose

Hello their crocky!

For more about Zoobic Safari Adventure visit

With Dan, Rob, Ada, Christian and Mica. 

Vanity while on the Zooper Train :)

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