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Subic | Tree Top Adventure


Dan and I on the Silver Surfer

Get high on nature! That's the Subic Tree Top Adventure tagline which is definitely true for they offer different adventures which mostly include heights. 


Ada and Rob on the Silver Surfer

After checking in at Subic Homes, we, travel bloggers and I, went to register for the Tree Top Adventure. Some of my companion wants to try all five rides but unfortunately, we found out on the registration process that the Tree Drop Adventure (Php 150) and Interactive Free Fall (Php 250) was not available due to some wind conditions. So, we chose the remaining Superman Ride (Php 200) and Silver Surfer (Php 250). They also have a Trekking Adventure (Php 100) and Canopy Ride (Php 350). You can also have customized packages which is a combination of the different adventures that they offer.

Rob and I as Supermen! Chos. 

I was a bit excited not only because I'm going to try it for the first time and that I actually have a little fear for heights but because I recently bought a zoom lens which I felt is just needed. Indeed, I found out that the extra millimeters were much useful taking photos of my friends during one of the rides. 

Subic Tree Top Adventure

We first tried the Silver Surfing which is by pair. It was full of adrenaline, I thought were simply going to glide back and forth from the long rope but, no, instead we went back and forth in the mid and other parts which was scary but fun. Haha Dan, who was my partner then, told me to let go and stop holding a grip with the steel. But much as I want to I don't have the courage to let go fearing that the rope might dislodged or something. I know, I'm weak. The plus part while your gliding on a Silver Surfer was seeing the rain-forest view from some 10-80 feet high! Hats off to Christian, a photography geek, who has a camera while on this Silver Surfer.

Dan: Try mong 'wag humawak, El.
Me: Ayaaaaaw.

Subic  Tree Top Adventure

Next was the Superman Ride, it resembles to the popular Zip-line rides but instead of just a rope holding you, it has something that supports your feet and hands while you glide 140 meters back and forth face down at 100 meters high. I went with Rob and the scary part was when the ropes starts pulling us back. It was a very fine ride when we were going back. Actually, If I had the choice I'd like to try it one more time 'cause the one time back and forth ride left me hanging.

Dan and Christian on their Superman Ride

The only regret I have here was the pictures of us in the souvenir section which we were not able to buy! Haha

Yours truly. Haha

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More about Subic here.

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sobrang nakakainggit naman ang adventure nyo na yan. Its really more fun in the Philippines.

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gusto ko nga ulitin :)

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