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Taal Vista Hotel's Cafe on the Ridge Buffet


As promised in my previous post about Taal Vista Hotel, I now have a special post for the different dishes served at their Cafe on the Ridge during my overnight stay there last January.  :)

All time fave crispy lechon during lunch!

Cafe on the Ridge is one of my favorite places at Taal Vista Hotel, well pretty much because my gluttonous side is feasting over the buffet that they offer. The buffet price ranges from Php 699++ to Php 988++ with special themes of Mexican (Friday night), Carribean (Saturday night) and Filipino (Saturday and Sunday lunch). Additional to those several themes is a band which serenades the guests. During the Filipino themed buffet, they also have various Filipino cultural dance performances which originated from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. I'd recommend the Filipino themed buffet because more to those delightful cuisines were the spectacular dance performances.

Now let me give you a visual tour on some of the food served during those different buffets!


Brownies delight!


Special seafood rice!

Baked fish!


Forgot what this is called but this is one of the delectable Filipino food!

Adobo or humba? You judge :)

Delectable pandan mousse

The healthier options are here in this salad bar!

My all time fave siomai :)


Cute cakes with pandan-flavored icing!

Strawberry mousse

Ham :)

Chicken something!

Healthier option :)

A Tagaytay fave bulalo made our dinner complete! 

Forgot what this one is called but this is one of my fave too. The taste of sweet cheese was just ambrosial!



Yummy bacons


I love how danggit complements with the sweets. 

Special scrambled egg!

My fave taho!

My first plate during breakfast :)

I can't miss this too. Hahaha 



Some refreshments after touring the hotel

Chocolate cake. And the intriguing kare-kare cake (I have no good shot) was something.


They have a different name for this in Luzon but in our place, Negros, we call this "bayi-bayi."

Buchi-buchi part two!

Forgot what this is called but this is one of the delectable Filipino food!


Another lechon :3 Sinful but yummy!

Malagkit with very yummy crusting at the top! Delish!

Chicken curry!

Fish that just melts in the mouth.

If I remembered it correctly this is the Japanese-something-pizza!

Some refreshments

Last but not the least is this heavenly leche flan ice cream! A total must-try.

I hope you enjoyed that one-of-a-kind gastronomic tour! 'Coz I surely did for I tasted almost all of them and more. *Burp* Ooopsy! :D 

For further details and inquiries contact Taal Vista Hotel through the numbers below.

Taal Vista Hotel
Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City 4120, Philippines
Tel No: +63 (2) 917-8225 / +63 (46) 413-1000
Mobile No: +63 (917) 809-1254
Fax No: +63 (46) 413-1225

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Missy l Sole of Missy said...

Your shots are mouthwatering. Gastronomic tour indeed! :P

Lifeisacelebration said...

Food photos make me drool. Looks so delish!

Elal Lasola said...

Thanks Missy! I'm glad you enjoyed the visual tour.

Elal Lasola said...

@Life: Thank you. I was drooling at the buffet too. :P

Becky said...

Mouth-watering indeed. By the way, the one you forgot, I believe, is palitao. :)

Elal Lasola said...

Thanks, Becky! I think it is called palitaw too :D

The Guy said...

Great pictures, they all look fabulous. I also love the way they have a different theme each night.

Rather off topic but how did you get the dancing twitter bird which you've put on your side panel?

Elal Lasola said...

Thanks! :D

That's just a gif image I found in the net. It was cute that's why I chose it. :)

Unknown said...

Argh@ What a sight. I just had my braces on too little Elal! And how I long to eat these stuff! yummy! :-P

Elal Lasola said...

Ang sarap noh? OMG. Really? Same tayo. Masasanay ka nyan at makakain ka ulit ;D

Viviene dela Rosa said...

Wow! after reading your blog and reading the content, it seems that I already taste that food even isn't. :) Looks so delicious and mouthwatering. I never try this kind of food,maybe I could taste this, if I will check in a
luxurious hotel. Really amazing. Thank you.

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