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K-Pop meets Anime Christmas Party


Stage and hosts during the party

A little preview of our company's Christmas Party at Wack-wack Country Club that I just want to share. Although the theme is K-Pop meets Anime, I think I only have photos of my friends and the performances on stage. Here are some snapshots out of my 767 photographs that night. :)

Bootcamp-mates doing their not so Korean pose

I'm not sure whose table is this :P

Prayer through a song

Wack-wack Country Club

Friends during the event

Party wouldn't be complete with the dance competition

Renegade in Wack-wack Country Club

Renegade in Wack-wack Country Club

Mayumi in Wack-wack Country Club

JAVA Chikas

More dance numbers from different practices!

Big boss dancing!

Managers dancing!

Team Bibo! :D

Renegade, again. Haha

So I guess you now know who's my fave in their group! Chos :P

Friends and workmates!

Could not miss this!


It was one great and unforgettable night! :)

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