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Microtel Mall of Asia, Pasay


Microtel MOA's roof deck pool

Juggling with the busy schedule at work, deadlines, travels, backlogs and early preparation for Christmas season. For me, a break from everything was surely needed.

Whether it just a staycation (vacation spent close to home) or visiting the Metro, Microtel Mall of Asia is perfect for it is located close to the Mall of Asia, some Manila attractions and NAIA airport.

Microtel MOA's room with MOA Eye's view

I was totally expecting the place to be similar to other Microtel establishments, but I was wrong. Arriving at the hotel, we immediately went to the rooftop deck where dinner is served, I was blown away by the view from the top which is overlooking the very busy street of Seaside Boulevard in front of Mall of Asia and the captivating Mall of Asia Eye.

Microtel MOA's Greek inspired roof deck

Aside from the dining area,which you can request if you have small gatherings, the pool is also located at the rooftop deck which makes swimming more relaxing seeing the great view it has to offer.

CA and I were kind of late since we were commuting from QC, but I can only imagine how lovely it must have been there at the top when the sun was setting and dusk was approaching.

I love the comfort that hotels give and staying in a hotel while in your own city is perfect given that you'll not be stressed for it is just near.

Microtel MOA, Pasay

Together with us, Ca of Adventurous Feet and I, were Christian of Lakad Pilipinas, Leslie of Chocolate Skies, Darwin of Tracking Treasures and Joanna of Backpack Chronicles. We were met and introduced with the general manager, Dean, during dinner, who was very approachable and eager to tell us about the place, its history and what it has to offer.

View from Microtel MOA's roofdeck

The rooms are all air conditioned with a complete set from cabinet, tv, telephone, bathroom, among others. More to that it offers views that suit to your taste such as room with city view or room with sunset view.  The city view from our room was one of the things I like about this hotel! It was just lovely to see the Mall of Asia Eye from our beds.

Microtel MOA's Restaurant: Millie's 

They also have a restaurant inside the hotel, Millie's. To know more about Millie's, keep posted on another post dedicated to the delicious meals they have to offer.

Microtel Mall of Asia located in Coral Way Ave cor Seaside Blvd, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City or visit

Yours truly during our staycation at Microtel MOA

Elal of The Shades of Grey Travel and Photography
Elal is a traveler, student of life and photography enthusiast who wants to experience and capture what is raved and not raved about. For more about her travels, subscribe here, email at, or visit her portfolio.


Sesame Street said...

The hotel looks fascinating. I would have wanted to join you guys but due to my shift on weekends I had to say no.

Elal Lasola said...

@Chino: Sayang. Anyway, looking forward for our future travels :D

Christian | LAKAD Pilipinas said...

Haha sesame street? Chino sumama ka naman kasi!

Elal Lasola said...

@Christian: Mga techniques nya yan eh. Hehe

renevic said...

great. in time. i'm looking for a place like this. =)

Elal Lasola said...

Sosyalan ka Renevic! Pero super ganda lang ng bed tapos may MOA Eye. Hehe

Marcos said...

Ganda ng view from the roof deck :) I wanna go there next time I'm in Manila.

Elal Lasola said...

I agree. Pang staycation talaga ang view :D

joan | the backpack chronicles said...

namiss ko na yung malambot na kama sa Microtel. Hahaha

Elal Lasola said...

Agree. At ang pagkain! HAHAHA Food posts to come :P

Malaysia Asia said...

Nice! The first picture looks a little like the Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands Singapore :)

Elal Lasola said...

@David: Haha It does? Never been there... But the view from the top is really cool :)

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