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Zamboanga Barter Shops (Canelar)


Zamboanga Barter Shops (Canelar)
Zamboanga Barter Shops 

Zamboanga is also known for having four barter shops in the city where you can find goods at a much cheaper price because their goods are tax-free. One of the four barter shops we've visited is the one located in Canelar.

Zamboanga Barter Shops (Canelar)
Some pouches

At the entrance of the place, you can immediately see various products they are selling from clothing to food in pieces or bulk, which usually is imported from neighboring countries (Malaysia and Indonesia).

Zamboanga Barter Shops (Canelar)
Malongs of different colors!

It is a place you shouldn't miss when traveling because you have different choices, both imported and local goods, of what you can buy for your loved ones for "pasalubong." I bought 3 packs of chocolates and Malaysian "Curry" Noodles which is actually a fave of mine.

Zamboanga Barter Shops (Canelar)

Going there was hassle free for us because our new found friends Chuck and Almin took us there. If you wish to buy some goods, you can take a tricycle to Canelar which will cost much cheaper in groups say Php 40 of a trike for 3 people.

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