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Conquering Mt Pundaquit


View at Mt Pundaquit's Summit

Arriving almost an hour late of our assembly time at Victory Liner Monumento, our first part of the trip was definitely challenged when the bus driver said that our seats were already taken because they have already accepted chance passengers. I was just quiet at the side together with the other travel bloggers since I just met most of them for the first time and I felt guilty mainly because they were waiting for me to arrive. After several minutes of murmuring our rights because we already bought the tickets ahead of time and how they have exchanged our seats few seconds after they have announced the last call, we were finally given our seats with the 4am bus to San Antonio, Zambales (although the previous seat plan was not realized).

Start of the trek to Mt Pundaquit

Mt Pundaquit Trail (pardon for the glitch)

Mt Pundaquit view during the trek

I actually wasn't able to sleep out of excitement so I decided to sleep when the bus is on the road and also to avoid my motion sickness but my seatmates (Chin ChanJoanIan) made it very difficult because I keep on listening to their continuous chit chat that also interests me. So to no avail, I wasn't able to have that bus sleep I was planning and I did gave in to my motion sickness (gross! haha).

Mt Pundaquit view during the trek

Mt Pundaquit's only available stream during the trek

Mt Pundaquit view during the trek

Anyway, the trip lasted for about 4 hours and when we reached San Antonio, Zambales, I was at my happiest because I am free from that very stomach sickening air conditioned bus ride! We proceeded to have our breakfast at the nearest market place and bought groceries for our two days camping. We finally arrived at Brgy Pundaquit's Beach at 10 am and started to trek at 10: 30 am. But before our trek began, we first registered individually to the baranggay hall in Pundaquit. Actually, some of us doesn't want to trek but what's the fun of being on a boat to  Anawangin Cove when everyone else is trekking and this trek is a special one for Ivan being that it's his 20th birthday. :)

Mt Pundaquit view during the trek

Mt Pundaquit view during the trek, almost at the summit

Mt Pundaquit view on the summit

Having been able to trek the mountains of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, the trek in Mt Pundaquit was somehow smooth except for the excruciating heat of the sun at around noon that made my head terribly ache and made me wish that we have started way earlier than that. Also, since I don't have any jogging pants, the constant challenge of avoiding the sharp leafy grasses is present.

Yehez. At Mt Pundaquit's summit with Byron and Cai.
Photo Credit: Ivan

Mt Pundaquit view on the summit

Mt Pundaquit view on the summit

We have finally reached the summit, although some especially the first timers nearly gave up, at around 1pm and I definitely took the chance of taking what I just needed, as what I also did when we were on the trail, since we are also saving our batteries because there'll be no electricity in our camping site in  Nagsasa Cove .

Mt Pundaquit view on the summit

Mt Pundaquit view on the summit (ahem. the shoes. haha)

Mt Pundaquit view on the summit

We expected that the descend from the summit would be easy but we were proved wrong because the rocky and steep trail made some of my companions fall inevitably. My legs were already shaking with walking for several hours already and sadly, when we reached the foot of the mountain, we were not able to see or take photos of the river because it has dried up. We continued our trail of the rocky plains that was once a river and found our way to Anawangin Cove after 5 hours!

Descending from Mt Pundaquit's Summit

Descending from Mt Pundaquit's Summit

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Journeys and Travels said...

This is one of the best shoots of Pundaquit I have seen from among the bagets who went there. It is heartwarming to read posts such as this one, very nicely written and the photos are superb.

Grabe ung focus dun sa flower on your way down. I love the vista of the Anawangin from where you stood on the Mount.

Elal Lasola said...

Thank you so much! This first trips with the bagets is a blast! I hope to see you in one of my future trips too! :D

Pink Tsinelas said...

Ganda ng shots! =D

Elal Lasola said...

Thanks girl! I am waiting for your post!

cha said...

I love the photos! Hays! I would never ever experience this anymore ( health problem)I should be contented looking at your post.

Please swing by my page too!

Unknown said...

going there soon again!! can't wait!! but i'm luckier coz i'm just an hour from san antonio.. i'm also from zambales (olongapo)... yeah and we should start our climb early!! ;)

Karla said...

Hi Elal! :) I love your pictures!It's very colorful thus giving life to the place. Though I'm a scaredycat especially when it comes to heights, your post inspires me to try to overcome my fear and go mountain climbing. :)

lakwatsero said...

lupet ng mag kuha mo! I have been there to but the photos I took weren't as good. Keep on shooting!

Vonn Angelie David said...

colors are very vibrant.. nice


bakit ganun, pailan ilan lang ang mga puno? sadya bang ganyan yan o naging biktima na rin yan ng pagkakaingin?

Gladys | said...

great photos of pundaquit. sana makarating din ako sa tuktok, hindi lang puro sa beach ng zambales. hehehe

joan | the backpack chronicles said...

very pretty shots girl! dapat may part 2 yang gala nating yan!!

Edmar del Castillo Guquib said...

Ang galing talaga ng mga "BAGETS" kasi pumunta kayo dito. At lahat ng version niyo ng post sa Anawangin at Pundaquit ay ang gaganda. Gusto ko rin itong version mo. Ang ganda talaga ng view dito.

fbalgos said...

I love your pictures..
they show that you have great skill in not just the rule of thirds but you also understand the so called looking window.
thank god the trip push through! hahaha! what a relief it must have been.. ;)

enzo said...

Another article about the same trek you did in this mountain. I'll say the same comment about this place. This is beautiful.

To say "very nice" about your pictures is an understatement. They are excellent.

V3ronica L4urel said...

This is like revisiting the blog travel haha! You guys have wonderful cameras.

Anonymous said...

At Enzo, sinabi mo pa! Akala ako lang ang naka-notice. Hmmm ayos ang samahan n'yo kaibigan. Alam mo ang huling litrato, tinatawag naming amor seko. It's commonly grass in the Philippines it's very sharp and sticky. We used to have fun those days playing with that grass. We pull it and throw it away to our playmates clothes. Then he'll feel itchyness when the amor seko stick to his clothes. So funny!

Blair Villanueva said...

just like i have commented to other similar blog post.. this place seems like in a movie... kung marami pang wild flowers.. sakto pang telenovela na

Gil Camporazo | RandomThoughts! said...

Mt. Pundaquit... it is a place in Zambales where the hills are alive with the sound of music. Isn't it? It resembles the hill where Julie Andrews used to frequent in the movie, "The Sound of Music"

chino said...

so kasalanan talaga namin na makinig ka sa chitchat namin? hahaha . ang shoes naparepair na? Miss you na , lakwatsa ulit tayo !!!!

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