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Luxury Cars


A friend of mine from Dumaguete is going back soon after a month of summer vacation in the Metro, so we decided to meet somewhere they haven't been and off we did go to Megamall. I know, nothing is new there but since they've never been there I did tour them including the famous St. Francis Square, for their 'cheaper' garments and all.  After several hours of going up and down of Megamall while trying to fit ourselves with the many people there because of that so called three-day-mega-sale we reached the 5th floor and noticed Shell's show room of luxury cars.  Out of curiosity and interest to see those cars, we dutifully signed up and went in.  And the tour inside the show room began. 

Car Number 1:  Ferrari

Car Number 2: Jaguar

Car Number 3: Maserati

Car Number 4: Second Ferrari

Car Number 5: Third Ferrari

Car Number 6: Range Rover

Car Number 7: Second Jaguar

And that's the end of the luxury vehicles in the show room. Thanks to Shell for this.

Yours truly with friends

And, lastly, a glimpse of the 3-day-mega-sale.

So, which car do you think is the best? *winks*

Elal of The Shades of Grey Travel and Photography
Elal is a traveler, student of life and photography enthusiast who wants to experience and capture what is raved and not raved about. For more about her travels, subscribe here, email at, or visit her portfolio.


Anonymous said...

great photos!

Elal Lasola said...

Thank you!

KennyV | The Filipino Investor said...

I like how you're able to tell a story using a series of great photos. 2 thumbs up!

Elal Lasola said...

Thank you KennyV! They really are great cars which are worth to be shared. Cheers! :)

Unknown said...

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