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Before, While and After Intramuros


I have been to Intramuros, but my friends from Dumaguete haven't been there. So, we decided to meet early in Rockwell.  But you should know that we have a not-so-early-comer friend, that's why we waited for hours until we decided to eat while waiting and before going.


 Supreme Sampler

Horizontal lights


Shrimp Popcorn Caesar

Gratefully, he arrived three and a half hours later. Whoa! And then our itinerary continues...

To Intramuros' famous tourist spot, Fort Santiago.

My weakness for fountains

Entrance Grandeur

Rizal's last steps

Tree in the ruins

Remains of what has been
Wordy words...


Words, again
 The addiction to lamps...
Sky and lamp

Roof and lamp

Old Structure

Amazingly bright

Right outside Fort Santiago, the Manila Cathedral.

The Manila Cathedral
And since there's nothing left to do, let's distort some view...

Spontaneous distortion

For better picture quality you can visit Intramuros' Pictures in Picasa :)


Intramuros is in the capital city of the National Capital Region - Manila, you can go there by taking a cab (the easiest but costly). You can cut that cost down by taking the train, LRT 1. You can embark to any stations and go to the Central Terminal. From there it is a long walk to the western part of Intramuros or you can take a cab for easy access.

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Unknown said...

Dayum. Really good composition. Must say I love your pictures so much. Super. Went back until your first post.

You are really talented. Keep it up. :)

Elal Lasola said...

Thanks TheLostBoyLloyd! Great blog you have there too.

I may ask for few tips in the future about blogger coz I love the layout, and traveling galore too! :))

I say thank you again for the wonderful words.

Keep tweeting buddy. Cheers!

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